U.S. Democratic Socialists

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U.S. Democratic Socialists Facebook Page

U.S. Democratic Socialists is a Facebook group with over a million members founded by Justin Horwitz, the "Founder and President" of Really American PAC.[1]

Justin Horwitz claims on his Facebook page[2] to be a founder of Facebook groups U.S. Democratic Socialists and Americans Against Fascism and co-founder of pro-abortion group Men4Choice.


According to the "about" section:

"We use social media to educate and organize for a more progressive, people powered movement that fights back against oppressive corporate and moneyed interests in our politics. We also fight for equal access to health care, higher education, and opportunity. We are the largest Democratic Socialist organization on Social Media in the United States. Join us. We are owned and operated in conjunction with with Really American, Revere Press/Politics/Environment, Cannabis Advocacy Network & Americans Against Fascism."