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Tram Quang Nguyen is a social justice activist and a Project Advisor for the Institute for Southern Studies.

Nguyen is the media and development coordinator at the California Reinvestment Coalition.[1]

She is a writer and editor from Southern California and Vietnam. She is the executive editor of ColorLines, a magazine in Oakland. Nguyen has contributed to Pacific Ties newsmagazine, and was part of the new Gidra magazine collective. She graduated from UCLA in 1996.[2]

"Challenging Anti-Asian Harassment"

"We Have the Power to Make Change: The Role of Community Lawyering in Challenging Anti-Asian Harassment at South Philadelphia High School" by Cecilia Chen and Andrew Leong. The authors thanked Ellen Somekawa, Helen Gym, and Xu Lin from Asian Americans United; Nancy Dung Nguyen and Michelle Nguyen from Boat People SOS; Tram Nguyen and Alison Sprague from Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia; Mia-Lia Kiernan, Debbie Wei and the Asian Student Association of Philadelphia for their courageous efforts to address bias-based harassment at SPHS. [3]

APEN Board of Directors, 2011

Asian Pacific Environmental Network board members 2011;

Institute for Southern Studies Project Advisors

The following members served as Project Advisors at the Institute in December 2011:[4]



Asian Pacific Environmental Network Linda Lee, Mei-ying Williams, Tram Nguyen, Timmy Lu.