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San Francisco Queer Resistance

Brad Joseph Chapin April 6, 2018.


The San Francisco Queer Resistance march against fascists in San Francisco late 2017. Proud to be part of a bunch of queers against fascism. — with Gabriel Haaland, Lavie Kąkol, Brandon Anthony, Tommi Avicolli Mecca and Brandon Harami.

Black History Month

Mahnani Clay February 28, 2015.


We sent Black History Month off in style with our Queer #BlackLivesMatter Rally on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came out in solidarity to celebrate our Queer Black Lives, show support for our Trans sisters and call out racist and classist norms in the Castro! It's our Castro, too! #GoTeamGo!! — with Shaun Haines, Darin Conley-Buchsieb, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Ross Mirkarimi, Adam S. Mehis, Cee Freedman, Paulina Maldonado, BeBe Sweetbriar, Veronika Fimbres, Peter Gallotta, Gladys Soto, Thea Matthews and Roscoe Mapps at Queer #BlackLivesMatter: A Call to Action in Castro.

Anarchist book fair

Bound Together Bookstore presented the first Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair on March 30, 1996.

Speakers for the 2010 book fair included: Yantra Bertelli, Terry Bisson, Ward Churchill, John Curl, Diane DiPrima, John Duda, Matt Hern, Luis A. Fernandez, Peter Gelderloos, Andrej Grubacic, Owen Hill, Lierre Keith, Margaret Killjoy, Ernesto Longa, Carlos Martinez, Jason McQuinn, Keith McHenry, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Cindy Milstein, Patrick Reinsborough. Kim Stanley Robinson, Penelope Rosemont, Sarah Talbot, Kristian Williams and John Zerzan. [1]

For May Day and Beyond

For May Day and Beyond: White People Stepping Up for Immigrant Rights! was a letter circulated in May 2006, among people mostly affiliated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Open Letter to White Communities

In the past month, five million people, mostly immigrants of color, have mobilized for justice and are making history, flooding the streets in unprecedented numbers. Meanwhile, the most visible participation by white people is coming from the racist and right wing leaders who are defining and dominating the debate in the Federal government and in the news, radio and opinion pages. Where are the voices of anti-racist white people in this crucial moment, when the worst anti-immigrant legislation in decades is still poised to drop?

Signatories included Tommi Avicolli Mecca. [2]

YES on C & E rally

Gordon Mar, November 5, 2012.


YES on C & E rally for affordable housing and to restore cuts to public services in SF! — with Somcan Sf, Conny Ford, Jennifer Friedenbach, Angelica Cabande, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Sara Shortt, Fernando Marti and Chelsea Boilard at San Francisco City Hall.