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Tobita Chow

Tobita Chow is a Canadian activist, currently living in Chicago.

Open Letter to the Biden Campaign on “Unprepared”

Open Letter to the Biden Campaign on “Unprepared” was released May 12 2020.

":Our demands: The country’s greatest priority at this moment is to beat the COVID-19 crisis, and this requires embracing principles of antiracist solidarity and international cooperation. The Biden campaign can and should beat Trump and the GOP with a message centered on our real public health needs and the progressive values that are required to meet those needs. The “Unprepared” ad must be taken down, and all campaign messaging that fuels anti-Asian racism and China-bashing must end. We refuse to allow the Biden campaign to sacrifice our dignity in the name of political expediency."

Authors were:

Populism 2015

Plenary: "Advancing a Populist Agenda that Puts People and Planet First".

This plenary will unveil the Populism2015 Agenda that outlines what we need to win in the next 10 years to put people and planet before profit and polluters. A bold agenda means we invest deeply in building our power at the scale of the crises we face, shifting the landscape of public debate toward our story of what’s broken and how to fix it, and taking on new campaigns to build the world we want instead of tinkering around the edges of the old economy and a broken democracy.


The People's Summit

At The People's Summit, Chicago 17-19 2016, a Saturday session was held "Understanding our movement moment";

Moderator Michael Lighty - National Nurses United.


The People's Summit 2017

Tobita Chow June 12, 2017:

Thanks to Harmony Goldberg for organizing this great discussion at The People's Summit of the Long Term Agenda which People's Action inherited from NPA (and which we're redoing), The Movement for Black Lives platform, the Freedom Cities platform, and the LEAP Manifesto.


Coming from what seem like very different starting points (economic justice, racial justice, environmentalism), we've ended up ... See More — with Harmony Goldberg, Anthony Rogers-Wright and Dante Barry.

Chicago DSA Closed Facebook group

This is the official Facebook group for Chicago DSA and its branches (South Side, Northside, and Oak Park)

Members of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of October 15, 2017 included Tobita Chow .[1]

Delle Piana connection

Tobita Chow November 19, 2018 ·


Look out world — with Camila Leiva Anderson and Libero Della Piana.

Backing Biss

Reclaim Chicago Tobita Chow March 13, 2018:

"My opponents think that the solution to decades of disinvestment is job training. The solution to disinvestment is investment. And the government has to go first."


I lost my notes but I believe that's a verbatim quote from the interview in which I and all these other lovely people decided to endorse Daniel Biss for Governor. It stuck in my brain because it gets at a crucial idea that has long be... See More — with Amanda Weaver, Dan Bailey, Mary Margaret Lane, Tyler Darnell, Esau Chavez, Alyssa Carabez, Andre Vasquez, Pastor Charles Straight, Alex Peltz and Martese Chism.

Brazil connection

Tobita Chow June 14, 2017 ·

Joined DSA yesterday for a great conversation with leaders from Brazil's PSOL (Socialism and Liberty Party) who were in town for the People's Summit.


I asked what they'd like to see from us if the left takes the White House and gets to set foreign policy, trade policy, etc. They said this was an underdeveloped part of their plan (understandable) but suggested two things to start:

1. Trade under "equal conditions", namely an end to US protectionist policies which Brazil doesn't enjoy (dunno much about the US-Brazil trade relationship specifically, but the US gets away with this in general)

2. Stopping US corporations which do business in Brazil from taking out all profits, leaving so little behind