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Template:TOCnestleft Tim Heberlein is Florida activist. Director Regional at Organize Florida Former Beyond Coal Organizer at Sierra Club.

"We fight for racial and economic justice"

Tomas Kennedy January 24, 2018:


Kind of like The Avengers, except instead of crappy action movies we fight for racial and economic justice. #SWAG — with Tim Heberlein, Asa R. Rogers-Shaw, Stephanie Ighodaro, Yulissa Arce, Devin Coleman, Desmond Meade, Stephanie Porta, Andrea Mercado, Isabel Vinent Grimany and Phillip Agnew.

Southeast Regional Powershift: Youth Leader Training

Southeast Regional Powershift: Youth Leader Training, Orlando Friday 19 February 2016, 2016, 22:00 Organized by : Ralph Benton Wilson Iv.

Hosted by New Florida Majority, Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment, and UnKoch My Campus.

Poised to be one of the most transformational years ever, 2016 is already filled with seemingly unreal manifestations of injustice. With a growing income inequality gap, high corporate greed, increased influence by the Koch brothers, sea-level rise, police brutality, and continued environmental degradation we definitely have our work cut out for us.
Bottom line, we need a shift in POWER.
That is why on Feb 19-20, 2016 community leaders and organizers will be hosting a youth leadership training session for committed young people from around the region to assemble a team to mobilize for the Southeast Regional PowerShift conference this September.

In this training we are looking for groups to explore connections between their goals and the power structures they are working against, the progressive framework that tie the work of activists and community leaders together, and develop a network of committed and passionate youth leaders who will lead us in the future.

Those signalling intention to attend on Wherevent included Olivia Quinn, Rachel Stevens, Evan Weber, Fatima Ait Rami, Yulissa M. Arce, Ralph Benton Wilson Iv, Hannah Procell, Tim Heberlein, Talia Smith, Ava Howard, Gladys Nobriga, Indiga Flor, Lakey Love, Brittany Jacobs, Juddie Passion, Sam Michael Sickels, Erin Elizabeth Fagan, Everton St Patrick Foster, Sean Estelle, Kaila Rose Varano, Amanda Freeman, Steven Sloan, Nico Gumbs, Amy Ritter Valdivia, Haley Stickney, Amina Minka Spahic, Heiner Buchholz, Stephanie Porta.[1]

Second Chances/NFM connection

Tim Heberlein January 26, 2016:

A great team supporting Second Chances!


To support Second Chances go to FloridiansforaFairDemocracy.org — with Serena Perez, Curtis Hierro, Eric Brakken, Lolalegriamaria Rodz, Stephanie Porta, Gihan Perera and Desmond Meade at The New Florida Majority.

Organize Florida comrades

Tim Heberlein November 9, 2016:


With Robin Lockett, Tammy Thomas-Miles, Mike Reed, Jennie A. Figueroa, Debbie King, Jonathan Hadley, Marie Elder, Ruach Midvar, Dayna Sparkle-Pony, Shana Blount- and Christopher Cano at Organize Florida - Tampa Bay.

CAIR connection

Tim Heberlein December 3, 2016 ·


Squad at the CAIR Annual Banquet. Glad to support the amazing work. — with Debbie King, Kofi Hunt, Ashley Whitney, Ayele B. Hunt and Caitlin Cook at Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa - USF/Near Busch Gardens.

Tampa DSA Facebook group

Tampa Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group member September 17 2017 included Tim Heberlein.[2]

Confederate flag protest

Andrew Joseph July 21, 2017:


With Connie Burton, Dalia Dangerfield, Candy Lowe, Tammie Fields, Li Fe Malcolm, Michelle Williams, Ali Muhammad, Reginald Roundtree, Roy Benson, Michelle B. Patty, Felecia Demerson, Deanna Hardy-Joseph, Ali Abdul Muhammad, Jane Castor, Ashley Green, Kelly Benjamin, Tim Heberlein, Cephus X. Johnson, Pam Keith, ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay, FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay, Dream Defenders Action, Confederate Flag- Exit 260, Save the confedrate flag, Sons of the Confederate Veterans Memorial, Black Lives Matter: Tampa and Tampa Bay Times.

"Best damn progressives!"

Tim Heberlein August 5, 2017 ·


Watching the Rays with the best damn progressives! H/T Gia Porras-Ferrulo photo cred — with Marc Weintraub, Jennifer Rubiello, Eve Epstein, Mark Ferrulo, Amy Hamric Weintraub, Nadine Smith, Keith Boyd Mason, Susan Glickman, Amy Busefink, Darden J. Rice, Blake williams s at Tropicana Field.

Organize Florida - Tampa Bay

Tim Heberlein May 25, 2018:


SWAG Tampa Bay! — with Ashley Green, Kofi Hunt, Jennie A. Figueroa, Robert Gibson and Nanci Palacios Godinez at Organize Florida - Tampa Bay.

Castor connection

Kimberly DeFalco September 8, 2018:


With Kathy Castor and Tim Heberlein at St Paul Lutheran Church Tampa ELCA.

Tampa Bay New Leaders Council activists

Kimberly DeFalco May 18, 2018:


With Maj Vasigh, Alan Borden, Faithe Ann Estes, Sarah Elizabeth Ogdie, Sam B. Gibbons, Lorena Rivas Hardwick, Sean Shaw, Tim Heberlein, Xuan Pham Hurt and Jasmine Mattear at Oxford Exchange.

Tampa Bay SDS

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society public Facebook group funtioned from circa 2010 to 2015. Members included Tim Heberlein.