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Tim Canova ran for Congress in Florida’s 23rd congressional district in 2016. Tim Canova, age 55, is leading an insurrection within the Democratic Party by challenging Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Schultz is a member of the New Democratic Coalition (the congressional affiliate of the now-defunct neoliberal Democratic Leadership Council), which lauds “the innovation, creativity, industriousness and adaptability of our private sector.”

In late March, President Barack Obama endorsed Schultz, citing her “unwavering commitment to … expanding economic opportunity for more people.” Perchance an ironic tribute to her success at preventing regulation of the payday loan industry? In contrast, during the Occupy Wall Street protests, Canova was active in Occupy LA, where he taught a workshop on the Federal Reserve.

Endorsememts: Progressive Democrats of America, Democracy for America, Communications Workers of America, National Nurses United.[1]

Opposing "dark money"

“It’s easy for candidates to say they’re for overturning Citizens United, but it’s really meaningless when they’re also taking so much corporate and dark money that they’ll never follow through,” says Tim Canova, who is running for Congress in Florida’s 23rd congressional district. “The Democratic Party has lost its way. It has gone corporate and Wall Street on so many issues that it has unfortunately turned its back on its own grassroots base.”[2]

"Progressive agenda"

In Florida, where Tim Canova is challenging Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her congressional seat, news got out in March that the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) had denied Canova’s campaign access to the party’s voter file. His supporters created an uproar; the file is crucial to any campaign’s get-out-the-vote efforts. The FDP eventually backed down in order to avoid, in the words of the state party executive director, the “appearance of favoritism,” but the policy remains in place for all other Democratic primary challengers in Florida. And not just Florida—Democratic challengers in other states are routinely denied access to this data or charged extra for it.

“The DNC and state Democratic parties must stop favoring incumbents over insurgents in Democratic primaries,” Canova says. “We need to recruit activists committed to our progressive agenda to run for office, and that includes challenging incumbent Democrats.”[3]

Endorsed candidates

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida August 20, 2016;


With Representative Ben Diamond, Dwight Bullard, Bob Doyel for Florida, CJ Czaia for State Representative district 70, Sheena Meade for Florida House District 46, Jonathan Chane, Tim Canova, Chuck O'Neal, Representative Amy Mercado, Kelly Skidmore, Francesca Menes, Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, Vote Daisy J. Baez, Frank A. Cirillo, Ross Hancock 2018, Jeff Clemens, State Representative Sean Shaw, Susannah Randolph for Congress, Clint Curtis, Manny Lopez, Tinu Pena and Rena Frazier for Florida, Bob Poe, Rick Roach, Frank Alcock, Alex Barrio.


Democratic Progressive Caucus of Broward County January 18, 2018.


We had such a great meeting today to discuss the serious issue of mold in our schools. We look forward to tackling this issue head on in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned! #GetMoldOUT — with Farbod Tehranian, Gayle Martin, Mitchell Stollberg, Brian Stetten, Lourdes Diaz, Tim Canova, Sandy Bella, Michael Calderin, Evagelia Julie Ganas, Julian Ospina, Elijah D. Manley, Ernesto Fernandez, Pj Espinal and Michael Goldfarb.

Muslim "ban" protest

Doug McLean January 28, 2017 ·

Trump's "Muslim Ban" temporarily blocked by courts! #ResistanceIsFertile #WhenWeAreScrewedWeMultiply "To our Muslim neighbors in the world: I & tens of millions of others are so very sorry. The majority of Americans did not vote 4 this man." ~ Michael Moore

  1. NotThisTime #NoWallNoBan Love Makes A Way The Welcome Dinner Project End #TrumpocalypseN... See More — with Teena Pugliese, Paul Busch, Kelley Keefner, Frances Fisher, Branden Barber, Samaha John, Sarah Pipes, Josh Fox, Nomiki Konst, Tim Canova, Ed Higgins, Jonathan Klett, Lori Woodley, Chelsea Lyons, Paul Lee Padgett, Michael Sullivan, Ann Kleinhenz, Johnny Linehan, Ann Leonard, Andrea Bowers, Gina Figueroa, Nathalie Babou, Mary Ellen Persuit, Jane Ciepiela, Malia Hulleman, Andrew Kimmel, Kyle Cadotte, Lee Ziesche, Peter Dowson, Tanner Woodley, YahNe Ndgo, Shawnee Badger, John Quigley and Kelly Breaux at JFK Avianca Terminal 4.

Florida Bernie comrades

Jamie Friend November 19, 2016:

  1. wearebernie — with Hillary Keyes, Veronica Wolski, Isabel Loaiza, Andrea Perez, Nicole Sauvageau, Tim Canova, Ellen Harriet Brodsky, Robin Diane Adler, Joe Kreps, Julian Ospina, Dawn Grayson, Farbod Tehranian, Diana Burnet, Lupe Murray, Doreen Michele Dupont, Michaelangelo Hamilton, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Chip Richard Sullivan and Brian Stetten.

Badger connection


Tim Canova with Shawnee Badger.