The Right in these Times: Understanding and Combating Contemporary Shifts to the Right

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The Right in these Times: Understanding and Combating Contemporary Shifts to the Right


Second Annual Conference On “Rightist Movements” Friday, May 1, 2009, The Graduate Center, City University of New York 365 Fifth Avenue.

In light of the election of Barack Obama and rollback of the conservative movement’s dominance in the U.S. political arena, analyses have predominantly focused on new openings and possibilities for the left. Yet how various factions on the right proceed at this critical juncture will prove crucial to understanding U.S. political and popular culture for years to come, with significant implications for those working on a wide range of issues, from economic justice and international human rights to racism, immigration, gender discrimination and sexual freedom.

This conference brings together academic researchers, activists, and representatives of non-governmental organizations involved in understanding and contesting both contemporary trends toward the right and rightist efforts, from fiscally or socially conservative movements to hate groups. The aim of the conference is to draw on the insights of those conducting this important work across diverse professional fields toward an understanding of shifts to the right currently underway, as well as to build alliances and encourage collaboration between activists and academic and non-academic thinkers and researchers.[1]


Contesting and Understanding the Right: Beyond the Academy

The Right in these Times

Moderated by Craig Calhoun, University Professor of the Social Sciences, NYU & President, Social Science Research Council (SSRC)[2]


Co-Sponsored By: PhD Program in Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center; the Center for Place, Culture and Politics, CUNY Graduate Center; Center for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center; Planned Parenthood Federation of America.[3]