The Red Republicans of the DSA

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Template:TOCnestleft The Red Republicans of the DSA is a far-left faction of Democratic Socialists of America coming out of Boise Idaho.


Independent worker's party

St. Cloud Democratic Socialists of America is closely affiliated with The Red Republicans of the DSA.


St. Cloud Democratic Socialists of America October 18 2020.

Hey everyone, our comrades out in Boise, ID are hosting an educational event on why we need an independent worker's party separate from the Democratic Party. As the Saint Cloud DSA is a de facto part of the Red Republicans faction of the national DSA, all members of the Saint Cloud DSA are strongly encouraged to attend this talk.

"From the new founded DSA Faction, The Red Republicans, longtime Revolutionary Socialist Elazar Friedman and longtime Revolutionary Socialist and former Black Panther member Gerald Smith on the subject of why we need an independent Revolutionary Workers Party."

"A lot of people on the left today are sick of Capitalist Parties and Capitalist politicians, and are unwilling to throw their support behind Capitalist candidates. The DSA and CPUSA have had a weak stance, and in fact somewhat publically supportive stance on Biden. With so many people now favorable to Socialism, and the DSA growing another ten thousand members, the time to talk about an independent workers party is now."

Pie Hole battle

On most weekend evenings downtown on Eighth Street is a hotspot of people patronizing restaurants, and the evening of Aug. 8 was no different. Most of the restaurants had full patios and groups of people walked along the newly expanded sidewalk areas. Nearby, though, came dissent against the return to normal.

“This is ridiculous, how many workers will die for a person to eat a meal,” said Pie Hole Workers Union member Marshal Harris. “We are coming out here because the very least we can do is remind people a pandemic is going on. Restaurant workers are suffering and there’s a real moral and ethical question that comes up: What is America doing?”

The Pie Hole Workers Union and the Boise chapter of The Red Republicans of the DSA, have begun something called “dine-in disruptions.” On Saturday evenings from 6-9 p.m., the group demonstrates, pickets and hands out information about labor statistics and workers’ rights to passersby on Eighth Street.

Harris said the Pie Hole Workers Union is more than just a group created in response to their treatment as employees at the Broadway Pie Hole. It has morphed into a group of people who care about workers rights and in regards to COVID-19, he said the longer people keep acting like the pandemic isn’t going on, the longer people will be affected.

There weren’t a lot of people participating in the dine-in disruption, but they hope more will join, said Tyler Whitt, a supporter. He said he saw what happened at the Broadway Pie Hole through social media and came down: “I work in the industry too, COVID isn’t over and I don’t think a worker’s life is worth an appetizer.”

Austin Ray Losinger-Eggiman, from The Red Republicans of the DSA membership coordination committee, said the goal is to raise awareness in such a high traffic area and his organization believes in direct action. He said it’s important for people to realize that if a group of workers are being treated in an unfair way in a society, it’s only a matter of time before that treatment spreads to all workers.

“We want people to know that these workers are human beings with real economic needs,” said Aggiman. “A lot of these people rely on tips and they can’t pay their bills. An injury to one is an injury to all. People don’t need to be restaurant industry workers to come and show support.”

Idaho State Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett said Idaho’s democrats keep trying to raise the wage and they won’t stop trying. Unfortunately for low wage earners, the bills to raise minimum wage rarely make it out of committee.

“It’s something that we’d like to bring forward again,” said Stennett. “At some point people have to admit that this isn’t working anymore. Us democrats have been pushing this topic for years and we encourage Idahoans to call their representatives.”

The wait for a raise in the minimum wage may be a long time coming, but Harris said the most important thing for now is to raise awareness for workers. Their goal is to help educate people who work in the industry so that their labor can be fairly compensated. He said that Boise leadership appears to care more about economics and tourism than the actual community that lives and works here.[1]