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Template:TOCnestleft The Pink House was like an underground United Nations. Chapel Hill's aspiring artists, musicians, poets, DJ's, activists, actors, writers, nudists, flutists, knuckleheads, and couch-surfers, all living together in (relative) harmony, united by their common bohemianism. Life inside the Pink House often consisted of weird shit happening at all hours, every day, it rarely stopped. And there's something about that place that won't allow the vibe to ever fully dissipate.


The Pink House. 130 North Street. Back In The Day.

Fellow residents from the 1991-94 years were Clint Curtis, Shyam Patel, Raj Krishnasami, Lydia Craft, Jess Deltac, Kyle York Spencer, Caroline Rivers Hall, Mel Lanham, Michelle Sinnott, Jay Murray, N'Gai Wright, Scott Bullock (who crashed on the couch for a year before finally moving in), Bryan Ellerson, Karen Hurka, Sally Stryker, Ryan Mathias, Charlie Speight, Chris Palmatier, Trent McDevitt, and Steve William.

According to Erik Ose besides holdovers and returnees Jay, Scott, Mel (& Laverne!), Chris, and N'Gai, residents during 1995-97 included Allen Sellars (who, like Jay, lived at both The Pink House and 401 Pritchard), Ian Williams, Zak Bisacky, James Dasher, Linden Elstran, Jiffer Bourguignon, Grant Tennille (who first made the scene as a fixture in N'Gai's room circa summer '93), Zia Zareem, Ben Folds, Tom Holden, and Chris "Chip" Chapman.[1]

Regular visitors and couch-surfers included...

The Pink House regular visitors and couch-surfers included...

Lem Butler, Firas Amad, Dana Lumsden, Jenny Johnson, Chris Pedigo (RIP 2006), Caroline Philson, Derek Shadid, Mike Thomas, Allen Copeland, Kendall Morgan, the two hippies who slept in their broken-down van in the driveway and showered inside the house for two months, Chris Lee, Chris Lyn, Jared Ose, Charles McNair, Derek Elliott, Martha Pryor, Jyoti Argade and Swati Argade, Meredith Smith, Kristen Schoonover, Ryan Williams, Raj Narayan, Susan Comfort, Dawad Norville, Matt Frisch, John Bell, Susannah Turner, Summer Burkes, Crystal Feimster, Myron B. Pitts, Ernesto Guzman, Todd Thomas, and Daisuke Ikeda, who flew in from Tokyo just to chill.[2]

Always welcome were honored guests like...

The Pink House always welcome were honored guests like...

Matthew Dan Stewart, Sophia Sacks, Rashmi Airan, Jasme Kelly, Matt Schofield, Kendal McDevitt, Malcolm Aaron, Ericka Kurz (RIP 1993), Banu Ogan, Mark Chilton, Jerome Seaton, Gerald Bundy (who later invited Jay to come live at 401 Pritchard), Mike Gonzales, Kas DeCarvalho, Anne Michaud, Josh Bradt, Trevor Schoonmaker, Dave Deifell, Deepu Gowda, Pam Hartley, Mark Kleinschmidt, Preston Harrison Dunlop, John Svara, Erika Gantt, Jenn Hanner, Dave Kaplan, Pete Corson, Ed Chaney, Dina Dajani, Elizabeth Dryman, Donna Bell, Ruby Sinreich, David Biggs, Ali Webster, Jim Holm, Cherryl Aldave, Brandon Carr, Deollo Johnson, Chris Marthinson, Quince Marcum, Finis Dunaway, Caitlin Reed, Matt Stiegler, Jen Stander, Amy-Jae Rignola, Kimberly Dawn Pittman, Richard Hess, Melissa Hedt and Matt Hedt, Tim Ross, Thomas King, Tony Deifell, Marty Johnson, Arati Pandya, Mel Benner (RIP 2012), Chris Qualls, Anna Weinstein, Joan Petit, Uzoma Nwosu, Termain Kyles, Caroline Okun, Deb Boxill, Doug Ferguson, Philip Charles-Pierre, Terrence Garrison, Jimmy Bishara, John Bonitz, Shannon Scruggs, Chris Baumann, Eric Odell, Chris Kromm, Lindsay Bowen, Dana Terebelski, Greg Humphreys, Penny Bakatsias and Tina Bakatsias, Marc Sloop, Milton Artis (RIP 2009), Clay Boyer and Ted Boyer, Matt McMichaels and Susan McMichaels, Mike Jackson, Trevor Johnson, Charles Overbeck, Denise Matthewson, Jeremy Reiter, Myles Presler, Lee Richardson, Kelley Kirven, Eliza Root, and Joe Herzenberg (RIP 2007).[3]