The Case Against Hillary Clinton

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The Case Against Hillary Clinton was written by Peggy Noonan and published by HarperCollins in 2000.

A review of the book in Publisher's Weekly said, "Seasoned conservative political commentator Noonan (What I Saw at the Revolution, etc.) joins the anti-Hillary literary feeding frenzy with this scathing biographical essay."


Susan Estrich, in her book, The Case for Hillary Clinton, described Noonan's book as "polemical"[1]

Chapter Summaries

Chapter One

Topics discussed
  • Author's reaction to Hillary's spring 1999 New York Senate campaign announcement
  • Implications of Hillary's senate run
  • Others' reactions
  • Hillary is small and selfish, unlike her hero Eleanor Roosevelt
Notable quotes
  • "Hillary Clinton's candidacy is a product being locally test-marketed for national consumption: It is the beginning of Hillary for president." (pg. 5)
  • "But after seven years some of us think the headline on Mrs. Clinton is not that she has suffered, but that she has made so many others suffer." (pg. 6)

Chapter Two

Topics discussed
  • The Clintons care only about power and personal advancement; they have no regard for America as a whole or individuals whom they may hurt in their pursuit of personal success. They are phenomenal liars, prideful, and drunk on their overblown sense of entitlement.
  • The Clintons' stint in the White House especially provides insights into their personalities and motives.
Notable quotes
  • "She stands for what he stands for. Together they stand for one thing: maximum and uninterrupted power for the Clintons. What they want is self-advancement, and what fuels them is a sense of self-importance." (pg. 11)
  • "The Clintons are unusually brazen. They lie in plain sight, with boldness, with utmost confidence in their ability to carry it off. This again has to do with a sense of entitlement: They seem to feel they deserve to carry it off. Bill Clinton lies, as William Safire has noted, 'when he doesn't have to.' Hillary is, as Safire has observed, 'a congenital liar.'" (pg. 14)
  • "Lying, of course, is not the Clintons' only distinguishing characteristic. They are marked, too, by an absence of grace, a lack of personal humility that is actually jarring, perhaps because it threatens to lower both standards and expectations for our leaders." (pg. 27)

Chapter Three

Topics discussed
  • Hillary has been involved in her own scandals, such as Filegate and Travelgate.
  • Both of these scandals demonstrate her abuse of power, partisanism, and cronyism.
  • Most disturbing is the fact that she has walked away from these scandals unsullied and unpunished.

Chapter Four

Topics discussed
  • Hillary's leadership style is illustrated well by the Hillarycare debacle: be secretive, refuse to work with others or share information, and "command and control."

Chapter Five

Topics discussed
  • Author's disappointment over Hillary's refusal to risk her political reputation to do good for the country, which is in turmoil.

Chapter Six

Topics discussed
  • Hillary Clinton has never done anything for the country or her political career.
  • Both Clintons are ambitious, narcissistic, and desperate for adulation, which motivates all of their political decisions.
Notable quotes
  • "[Hillary's] only great initiative in the White House was her attempt to reinvent the health care system in America. That was the only program she ever fully attempted, and she made both a scandal and a botch of it, creating an immense and impenetrable health care plan that even her most ardent defenders could not support, that even her party would not support." (pg. 98)
  • "Mrs. Clinton's claims of concern for the downtrodden would be more compelling if she had devoted some part of her life to really being with them, and helping them, with no fanfare." (pgs. 106-107)

Chapter Seven

Topics discussed
  • Author speculates about how Hillary will run in NY and what kind of speeches she will make
  • Author imagines Hillary's free-association conversation with herself in April 2000

Chapter Eight

Topics discussed
  • Author discusses Hillary's strategy (targeting women, especially white); provides detailed sketch of female voter on the fence about voting for Hillary.
  • Portrays Clintons as elitists, having grown up in a bubble of affluence while others struggled
  • Hillary wants baby boomers to see her as one of them, but she's not - she's not like them.
Notable quotes
  • "The problem is not that she's a particular kind of candidate, but that she is a particular kind of person." (pg. 143)
  • "And that is the one thing that people who know Hillary always say about her: that she thinks people have to be led and guided. Implicit, always unstated but always understood, is that they should be led and guided by: her. And her friends." (pg. 145)

Chapter Nine

Topics discussed
  • Hillary's stance on children's issues
  • Hillary's advocacy for children's political rights & independence from their parents - "child citizens"
Notable quotes
  • "[Hillary] argues further that children are locked into an unjust dependency relationship within their families, and need the assistance of the state in protecting their interests." (pg. 149)

Chapter Ten

Topics discussed
  • Hillary's "bad toughness"
Notable quotes
  • "These are her behind-the-scenes leadership characteristics-an almost antic belligerence, a pugnacity that allows her to countenance low deeds because the world is full of low people who want to get the Clintons." (pg. 162)

Chapter Eleven

Topics discussed
  • Hillary's speeches, interviews, etc. are remarkably banal, providing reports with few quotations and hiding her true opinions and plans.
Notable quotes
  • "[Hillary] will continue to say nothing because she wants not to explain her stands but to obscure them." (pg. 168)

Chapter Twelve

Topics discussed
  • The Clintons do not inspire the way other American leaders have; rather, they have degraded the country with their selfish, dirty politics.
  • Clintonism cannot be allowed to continue
Notable quotes
  • "What did the Clintons do with their two administrations? They left behind a country more damaged, more removed from its old, rough idealism; a country whose children live in a coarser and more dangerous place; a country whose political life has been distorted and lowered. This is their legacy. This is the great work of Clintonism." (pg. 177)

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  1. The Case for Hillary Clinton, Kindle Version: Location 278 of 1352

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