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Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America is an Upstate New York affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.


Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America



Brian Escobar, Syracuse DSA's founding Co-Chair, presented on "What is Socialism?"

Megan Svoboda of New York City DSA and DSA's National Political Committee spoke on "Class Struggle Elections" (and was a huge encouragement to us!).

We formally elected (by acclamation) our new officers:

The new officers presented their choices for At-Large Steering Committee Members. There will be an on-line vote yes or no for each member within the next two weeks. Nominees are:

We acknowledged the hard work of the first Steering Committee of our organization and we singled out Brian Escobar for his extraordinary vision, generous lending of skills, and friendship.... leading us to this good point in our organizational development.

Endorsing Misse Ross

Misse Ross for Progressive Change May 20 2019·


We are proud to announce that we have been endorsed by Syracuse DSA. We are thankful for their support and the great things they are doing to make our community better for everyone!

Conference delegates


Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America July 9 2019:

The 2019 DSA National Convention will be held August 1st-4th in Atlanta, Georgia. As an official chapter, we are able to send delegates to the convention to represent our chapter.

In May and June, we held an election to choose these delegates, with dues paying members participating through a ranked-choice voting system.

Our delegates will be: Brian Escobar, Matt Huber, Jeanette Zoeckler

Syracuse DSA Public Launch


Syracuse DSA Public Launch, Public · Hosted by Syracuse DSA

Tuesday, January 23 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Funk 'n Waffles Syracuse, 307 S Clinton St, Syracuse, New York 13202h.[1]

Invited on Facebook



Syracuse DSA supports Dana Balter


Syracuse Democratic Socialists of America shared an event. May 27 at 7:15am (2018).

Good morning! Join us next Saturday as we talk to our neighbors about healthcare-for-all and Balter's Congressional campaign!


Syracuse DSA June 26, 2018;

Remember today is the Democratic Congressional primary to see who challenges Katko in the fall. We are supporting Dana for Congress for CD 24. If you are a registered Dem, polls open at noon and close at 9 PM.
Dana has made single payer healthcare a priority from day one of her campaign and would be a strong advocate for it in Congress.


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