Sue Messerole

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Sue Messerole

New American Movement

In 1981, Doug Kellner, Nancy Collins, Jim Simonds, Alice Embree, Carlos Lowrey, Frances Barton, Lynn Lorette, Mike Klineman, Mariann Wizard, Brady Coleman, Chris Cunningham, Tony Ingliss, Ian Ingliss, Renato Espinoza, Loretto Espinoza, Al Watkins, Phillip Russell, Walter Dressler, Bob Russell, Ray Reece, Rita Starpattern, Ann Clark, Betsy Timm, Dick Leveridge, Larry Waterhouse, Ken Carpenter, Sue Messerole, Dave Mahler, Susie Ramsey, Ed Cervenka and Paul Gottlieb of the Austin, TX Chapter of the New American Movement congratulated NAM,

Congratulations campadres! - from deep in the heart of Texas.[1]



  1. 10th Anniversary Booklet for the New American Movement, 1981