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Steve McAllister

Steve McAllister is a Graduate Teaching Fellow at University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. He is a leader of the John S. Reed Club - the Lane County organizational hub of the Communist Party USA. He is the partner of Jillian Littell.

McAllister is researching the role of microbial community structure in controlling biogeochemical processes. He is currently studying methanogensis in a variety of northern Michigan peatlands, measuring the rates of two major pathways of methane production and linking this to a deep survey of community structure using environmental DNA sequencing. He is also working on a survey of functional gene transcription to quantify community activity as well as structure in this system. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

Red Caucus

The Red Caucus is a communist grouping inside Portland Democratic Socialists of America, formed in mid 2019.

Signatories to the Red Caucus founding statement included Steve McAllister Portland Democratic Socialists of America.

Communist Party Climate Change Working Group

In October 2012, Steve McAllister was chair of the Climate Change Working Group of the Communist Party USA. His colleague Greg Rose was a member of the Climate Change Working Group of the Communist Party USA.[1]

"The Agitator"

The Agitator is the newsletter of the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, Local 3544, AFT Oregon, AFL-CIO.

Staff, as of 2012;[2]

Endorsing DeFazio


Steve McAllister endorsed Peter DeFazio in the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, Local 3544, AFT Oregon, newsletter, The Agitator, Oct. 1st, 2012.

Sam Webb visit

Back row Greg Rose, G. L. Morrison, Sam Webb, unknown, Front row Jillian Littell, Steve McAllister, unknown, unknown

June 2012, National Communist Party USA Chairman, Sam Webb visited Portland, Oregon, where he met comrades from Eugene's John S. Reed Club, and Portland's Susan Wheeler Club.[3]

CPUSA Environmental Action

CPUSA Environmental Action is a Facebook closed group. It is "a meeting place for members and friends of the Communist Party USA to discuss environmental issues (especially climate change), share information, and coordinate activities".

As of June 21, 2017;[4]