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Steve Backman

Steve Backman is married to Linda Roistacher. In 2007 was a candidate for re-election to the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council. Steve Backman works as a technology consultant to Boston area nonprofits. He started and leads the technology strategy and web development consulting group, Database Designs Associates, with nonprofit, education, labor, public sector clients locally and nationally. Steve and his wife Linda Roistacher will soon celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary and are proud parents of two grown children, Daniel and Lisa.

Steve has also been a community activist in Dorchester and then Jamaica Plain for thirty years. With both of his children growing up in the Boston Public Schools, Steve became an advocate for equity and quality in the public schools. He is a former co-chair of the Citywide Parents Council, vice-chair of the statewide Coalition for Authentic Reform of Education (MassCARE), a participant in what is now known as Work for Quality, and recently joined the board of Citizens for Public Schools. Steve also has been active in challenging the new wave of gentrification and the loss of affordable housing in Jamaica Plain and citywide, helping form the “Whose Boston” Coalition. Getting involved two years ago in the Neighborhood Council came as a natural step, and Steve now takes part in the JP Neighborhood Council’s Housing and Development Committee. Steve has been a political advisor to City Councilor Felix Arroyo since his first election. Steve also is a founding board member of Water Way Arts for Health and Energy, a nonprofit organization whose activities include operating the longtime Brookline Tai Chi school.[1]

Son of former Massachusetts State Senator Jack Backman.

Supporting Elugardo


Steve Backman campaigned for Nika Elugardo.

Boston Social Forum

At the 2004 Boston Social Forum Socialist Organizations and Social Movements: friends or enemies? a Freedom Road Socialist Organization Workshop was held;

Explore the role of socialism and socialist organizations in movement-building. Panelists will comment on what has changedon the left, efforts to strengthen the socialist current, which anticapitalist initiatives have been more effective internationally today, and broader strategies for transformational social change. Group discussion will follow with three goals: 1) Explore the continuing relevance of socialism as an alternative vision to capitalism. 2) Assess the institutional resources we have for movement building: socialist organizations have had mixed results. Yet without the organized left, movements often wind up too disorganized to truly make a difference. 3) Strategize about what new kinds of organizations are likely to be politically effective and how they might come about.

Panel: Meizhu Lui (Freedom Road Socialist Organization), Will Colwell (Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism), Solidarity and others.

Contact for the panel was Steve Backman Freedom Road Socialist Organization.[2]

Boston Social Forum panel

At the 2004 Boston Social Forum Bringing the Movement into Electoral Politics . Panelists were Mel King, Chuck Turner, Felix Arroyo, Steve Backman, Lydia Lowe, Patrick Kearney, Judy Roderick.[3]



Jon Levine is with Bill Fletcher, Jr. and 28 others - Richie Chevat, Francy Caprino, Ellie Gitelman Bagli, Mindy Gershon, Ajamu Dillahunt, Steve Backman, Dennis O'Neil, Martha Cameron, Glen Ford, Stan Goff, Sean Crimmins, Nat Turner Bender, Dave Blalock, James Carey, Larry Hamm, Sally Davidow, Bert Barao, Joe Fine, Bella August, Richard Cammarieri, Jeff Crosby, Sidney Brown, Carol Fine, Charles Bagli, Willa Cofield, Carmen Berkley.

September 14, 2016:

Thanks to Alfreda Coachman Daniels for sharing this 40 year old historic photo from a 1976 anti-busing rally in Boston. Shaun King, from whom Ms. Daniels shared this blast-from-the-past photo, commented "The American flag may represent freedom to you but it meant something else to this man."[4]