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Template:TOCnestleft Stacey Patel is a Florida activist. Patel is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz School of Public Policy. She has more than 20 years of experience in organizational transformation, social media fundraising, project management, small-business ownership, and non-profit leadership.

Democratic Party

Stacey Patel, a Bernie Sanders delegate, and her husband, Sanjay Patel, took over the Brevard County Democratic Party, with Stacey winning the Chair position and Sanjay winning a State Committeeman position in December 2016. [1]

Bernie sweep

Stacey Patel December 7, 2016:

WE WON!! Congrats to the new officers of the Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee!! 76 members voted & Berners swept every office in a landslide!!


"Great crew"

Stacey Patel August 25, 2018:


Great crew turned out this morning to knock for Kenny Johnson and Kelly Damerow in Palm Bay!!! — with Sanjay Patel, Kathleen Talbot, Matt Gibson, Eileen Patricia, Ron Williams, Tara Patel and Allison Minnerly.

Democratic Party chair

November 2017, Satellite Beach resident Stacey Patel entered the race to become Florida Democratic Party chair.


Patel is chair the Brevard Democratic Executive Committee, a post she won last December, at the same time her husband, Sanjay Patel, was elected Democratic state committeeman from Brevard.

Stacey Patel and at least three other candidates will be seeking to fill the state Democratic leadership position that became open after Stephen Bittel, a Miami Beach businessman, stepped down as chairman of the Florida Democratic Party.

Under Patel's leadership, the Democratic Party has experienced somewhat of a resurgence in Brevard this year, as the party proactively campaigned for candidates in "nonpartisan" municipal elections. Three of its six candidates won in November — in Cape Canaveral, Malabar and Rockledge.

The Brevard Democrats also recently fielded the largest county delegation to the Florida Democratic Party conference in Orlando, and won the party’s 2017 “Golden Gavel” award for knocking on the most doors in "get-out-the-vote" efforts of any Democratic county party organization in Florida this year.

Patel said she decided to run for the state chair after being called upon to do so by Democrats across Florida.

“The Democratic Party is our party. It’s the party of the people," Patel said in announcing her candidacy. "I really believe we can win elections in Florida if we inspire our grass roots by giving them real power and purpose in our party.”

Patel said she told them she would run for Florida Democratic Party chair "if we’re all in this together. We set a goal of raising $2,500 for our campaign, and identifying 250 pledges of monthly donations and 250 volunteer pledges."

"So far," Patel said, "our movement has swelled to nearly 1,400 members on Facebook, 118 campaign donors who’ve given over $6,000, 255 pledged monthly contributors who will give over $41,000 per year upon our election, and 252 pledged monthly volunteers who will work nearly 30,000 hours per year — or the equivalent of about $450,000 a year in labor."

"If we can pull off commitments of nearly half a million in five days without a plan, a budget or any organization, imagine what we can do together when we, the people, have real power in our party again," Patel said.

Patel's campaign is being called a grass-roots "This Is #OurParty" movement.

Patel said her platform focuses on inspiring Democrats to engage and invest in the political process to win elections.

Her platform includes:

• Giving the party back to the people, funded by the people, rather than large corporations.

• Spreading "the power of the few to the many by giving our grass-roots the training, tools, technology and transparency they need in order to understand and fully engage in the party."

"Rules that have, for too long, consolidated the governing control of our party in the hands of a few must be surrendered to make way for true democracy," Patel said. "Those who feel real ownership of our party will also feel inspired to knock the doors and make the calls we will need to hold onto our seat in the Senate and take back the governor’s mansion."

Among the other candidates for the state party chair position are Alma Gonzalez, a lawyer for Hillsborough County; Palm Beach County activist Terrie Rizzo; and Monica Russo, state president of the Service Employees International Union.[2]

People's Progressive Caucus endorsement

Miami-Dade People's Progressive Caucus December 5, 2017.

We have made our endorsements in the upcoming of Florida Democratic Party and Miami-Dade Democratic Party elections!