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Soli Alpert is Executive Vice President at Our Revolution - The Progressive Student Association. Candidate at Berkeley Rent Board.


  • Studies Political science at UC Berkeley
  • Went to Lowell High School


Standing for AD 15

In 2019 Soli Alpert stood from AD 15 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.


“I am an elected member of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, Legislative Assistant to Berkeley Councilmember Rigel Robinson, Secretary-Controller/Parliamentarian of the California Young Democrats Progressive Caucus, Chief of Staff for the East Bay Young Democrats, and a student at UC Berkeley. I am on the Steering Committees of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club and Our Revolution - East Bay, and am a member of the Stonewall LGBT Democratic Club, the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, and the John George Democratic Club. Previously, I served as the Political Director of the Cal Berkeley Democrats and Executive VP of the UC Berkeley Progressive Students Association.

I have spent the better part of my time since graduating high school fighting for progressive causes and candidates who advance them. I know, particularly as a young person, the severity of the challenges we face and the urgency that is called for in addressing them. With total Democratic control in California, it is unacceptable that our elected representatives have shied away from the hard work that needs to be done to create a more equitable state for all Californians.

As a delegate to the State Democratic Party, I will advance causes like a state level Single Payer Healthcare program, a publicly run utility to replace PG&E, more robust environmental justice and climate change action, and criminal justice reform including felon enfranchisement. I will push for solutions to our housing affordability crisis including robust social housing programs that provide true housing affordability, rather than relying on the private market which has time and again failed the most vulnerable in our community. We desperately need more protections for California tenants to stop our gentrification crisis. The State Party must continue to fight to repeal Costa-Hawkins, and must broaden its scope to statewide just cause for eviction laws. I will also pursue internal reforms to our Party, including expanding access to Party offices for youth and the undocumented and pushing the party to aggressively pursue our progressive agenda at the state legislature.[1]

CYD Progressive Caucus slate

Soli Alpert February 23 2018:


With Katie Meyer, Zenaida Huerta, Soli Alpert, Zach Denney, Courtney Welch, Zach Awe, Jeff Stoll, Tara Sreekrishnan and Matt DuBurg.

Christmas comrades

Cullen Tiernan December 6, 2018:


Still feeling the festive joy and happy holidays from last night’s party (first time I think I’ve partied in a library 📚) super thankful to feel home with the #EBYD and have everyone here in my life 🙏🏽💙🇺🇸 — with Toni Gomez, Soli Alpert, Alfred Twu, Joe Diaz, Donald Lathbury, Lance Kwan, Zac Goldstein, Annie Koruga, Dean Wallace and Igor Tregub at San Leandro Public Main Library.

Kevin de Leon victory

Cullen Tiernan July 15, 2018 ·


A few of the brilliant minds that helped bring us Kevin de Leon for U.S. Senate’s victory. — with Ryan Skolnick, Eddie Mendoza and Soli Alpert in Oakland, California.

Jovanka supporters

East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, June 6, 2018.

With just 182 votes separating DSA member Jovanka Beckles from Dan Kalb in Assembly District 15, we still don't have final results from yesterday's primary - but we do know that our work on this campaign has been a win for democratic socialism and the working class!


Despite being up against corporate-backed candidates flooding the district with their message, Jovanka managed to out-perform two ... See More — with Luke Thibault, Ashley K.I. Payne, Keith Brower Brown, Ruscal Cayangyang, Soli Alpert, Jamie Gardner, Melissa Martinez, Michael Webbon III, Andrew Richner, Abigail Gutmann-Gonzalez, Sean Murphy, James Nye, Elsa Chinea Stevens, Gabby Martinez and Nick Travaglini.

East Bay Young Democrats

Alfred Twu February 1, 2018 ·


East Bay Young Democrats just voted to endorse Dave Jones for California Attorney General! — with Toni Gomez, Stefan Elgstrand and Soli Alpert.

East Bay DSA Members Closed Facebook Group

Members of the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America members only closed Facebook group, as of May 28. 2017 included Soli Alpert.[2]



East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, February 18, 2018 ;

With Melissa Martinez, Whitney Witthaus, Soli Alpert and Kara Murray.

DSA endorsed

According to an NPC Statement on 2018 Elections was issued November 7, 2018 by the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee named Soli Alpert Rent Board Berkeley. as a locally endorsed DSA candidates.

Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner

Maria Poblet November 7 2018:


I am honored to have been elected by the people of Berkeley to serve as Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner! Thrilled that our whole progressive slate won, including the newbie to the board, Soli Alpert who is only 21 years old, a Cal student, and a democratic socialist. Rollin up my sleeves to build community-based solutions to the housing affordability crisis, with these smart, committed folks over the next four years! Pueblo que lucha gana!! Housing is a Human Right!! — with James Chang and Soli Alpert.

Fall Kickoff!

Our Revolution - The Progressive Student Association/UC Berkeley 4 Bernie Like This Page · August 31, 2018 ·

Here's to a successful Our Revolution (PSA) Fall Kickoff!


Note: Presence of or tagging of candidates in the photo does not equal an endorsement. Our current endorsements can be found at We'll be making endorsements at our Our Revolution (PSA) 1st Meeting: Intros & Endorsements Part 1 (Tues 9/4 @ 8pm in 122 Wheeler) and Our Revolution (PSA) 2nd Meeting: Endorsements Part 2 (Tues 9/11 @ 8pm in 126 Wheeler). We encourage progressive students to join us at those meetings! — with Marie Claire de Martino, Jenny Wong, Mark Schlosberg, Nickan Fayyazi, Harriet Steele, Darian Flores, Sophie Arghavani, Cardboard bernie sanders, Juan Vidal, Soli Alpert, Andrew White, Michael Picard, Meili Wang, Ariel Plantz and Alfred Twu at Cafe Milano.

Arreguin allies

Our Revolution - The Progressive Student Association/UC Berkeley 4 Bernie November 7, 2016 ·


Thank you Jesse Arreguin for Berkeley Mayor, Fred Dodsworth for City Council District Six 2016, and Christina, Alejandro, Leah and Igor: Vote CALI Slate for Rent Board 2016 for your commitment to empowering student voices and for talking directly to students throughout your campaigns! — with Rhea Misra, Igor Tregub, Fred Dodsworth, Jesse Arreguin, Soli Alpert, Christina Renee Murphy, Leah Simon-Weisberg and Alejandro Soto-Vigil.

2016 Berkeley Tenants Convention

Our Revolution - The Progressive Student Association/UC Berkeley 4 Bernie, April 21, 2016 ·

The Executive Board of UC Berkeley Students for Bernie is proud to announce our endorsement for the following candidates for Berkeley's Progressive Rent Board Slate!

Join us at the South Berkeley Senior Center on Sunday, April 24th, to support our endorsed candidates, including student and UC Berkeley Students for Bernie Vice President of Finance Matthew Lewis for Rent Board Slate.


2016 Berkeley Tenants Convention — with Christina Renee Murphy, Matthew Lewis, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Poki Namkung, Christian Riesgo, Soli Alpert, Harriet Steele, Rigel Robinson, Isabel Song and Lena Nitsan.

UC Berkeley Progressive Student Association 2016 board

Our Revolution - The Progressive Student Association/UC Berkeley 4 Bernie January 19, 2016 ·

First board meeting of the semester!

Want to get involved? Join us this Saturday for phone banking from 10-3 at the Berkeley Arts Festival Gallery!

Sololhan.PNG — with Lena Nitsan, Haley Hayashi, Rigel Robinson, Pranay Kumar Chaurasia, Chloe Feng, Soli Alpert, Michael Roe, Harshil Bansal, Sean McFarland, Sam Bonelli and Matthew Lewis in Berkeley, California.

Bernie Sanders National Student Town Hall

Our Revolution - The Progressive Student Association/UC Berkeley 4 Bernie October 29, 2015 ·

Bernie Sanders National Student Town Hall > GOP Debate


Thanks to National Nurses United and Robin Hood Tax for supporting Bernie and joining us! — with Sam Bonelli, Troy Neves, Harshil Bansal, Soli Alpert, Bernie Sanders, Chloe Feng, Sean McFarland, Rigel Robinson, Jonathan Nakhla and Isabel Smith.