Socialist Scholars Conference 1996

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The 1996 Socialist Scholars Conference


Jerrold Nadler attended the 14th Annual Socialist Scholars Conference: "Two Cheers for Utopia: Reimagining Socialism" April 12-14, 1996 in New York City. Here Nadler shared a panel with Frances Fox Piven and Stanley Aronowitz of DSA and Trudy Goldberg entitled "The Left and the Job Agenda in the U.S."[1]

Foreign socialists

This April's conference saw a major presence by members of the Sao Paulo Forum, an association of Latin American parties and social movements which has been meeting since 1992. DSA held joint panels at the SSC with participants from DSA's sister party from Mexico, El Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD); El Salvador's FLN, and Lula's Workers' Party from Brazil, among others. The conference also featured numerous representatives from Western Europe- -including panels organized by Chris Jones, Jill Gross, and David Morgan of the United States branch of the British Labor Party; as well as participation in other panels by Petra Blaes and Evelyn Widdich of Germany's Party of Democratic Socialism; Pap Ndalye of the French Socialist Party, Daniel Cirera and Lysanne Alezard of the French Communist Party and Gerard Alezard of the CGT. Boris Kagarlitsky and Alexander Buzgalin came from Moscow, as did Ivan Vitani of the Hungarian Socialist Party. As in past conferences, representatives of the Canadian left such as as Elaine Bernard and Leo Panitch played highly visible roles in the discussions.[2]