Socialist Scholars Conference 1990

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January 1990, page 24

The 1990 Socialist Scholars Conference, held September 6-8, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[1]

The World Wide Struggles for Democracy

Is Socialism a Real Alternative in the Third World

Working Women and the Womens Movment

Black Politics in America

The Nicaraguan Election In Perspective: Whither the Revolution

Reproductive Rights and the Role of the Sate at Home and Abroad

Cross National Perspectives on Work, Welfare and the Poverty of Women

Moderator: Helen Ginsburg Economics, Brooklyn College

New York City Fiscal Crisis, 1990: Dinkins and Labor

U.S., South America: Union to Union Solidarity

"BBC Tribute to CLR James with Stuart Hall, Tariq Ali and Others" A Video and Roundtable

Connecting Present and Past: Archivists Historians Perspectives

Do the Right Thing Revisited

Computer Systems: Social Construction and Employment Effects

Tax Policy: The Biggest Shell Game of All

Homelessness and the Right to Housing in New York

  • Sponsor: City Limits; News of the Other New York
  • Moderator: Doug Turetsky, Editor, City Limits
  • Chris Quinn, organizer, Housing Justice Campaign
  • Richard Rivera, attorney, Puerto Rican Defense and Education Fund
  • Jean Chappell, Parents on the Move, Brooklyn Arms Hotel

The Politics of Labor and Ecology

"War on Drugs" A Left Analysis

AIDS: International Perspectives

Dialectics of Revolution

  • Stephen Eric Bronner, Political Science, Rutgers University, Paper - Socialism and Revolution
  • Andrew Kilman, Economics, New York Institute of Technology, Paper - Restructured Capitalism/Alienated Labor
  • Douglas Kellner, Philosophy, University of Texas, Paper - Post-Modernism and Revolution
  • Kevin Anderson, Sociology, Northern Illinois University, Paper - Lenin, Hegel and Western Marxism

Developments in the USSR and Eastern Europe and their Significance for Western Europe and the US Left

Conspiracy Theory

Politics in the Classroom

Labor and Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Author Meets the Critics: Anders Stephanson

The Future of Socialism in America

Pantheon, Publishing and Corporate Censorship

Central America and the Democratic Revolution

Intellectuals and the Cold War

Collapse of the Financial System

Labor and Participatory Management

Opposing the CIA on Campus: A Workshop on Strategies and Tactics

60s/90s: The Kids Are Allright

Double Agents: The Graduate Student In the Class Room

African-Americans and the Third World in 1992

Towards Adequate Health Services for All

Eco-Feminism, Panel Discussion

Drawing the Line at Pittston. Film Production of Paper Tiger

Is Democratic Socialism Possible in China?

Greeting 1990 with the Encyclopedia of the American Left. A Colloquium by a score plus of more than 200 contributors of the forthcoming The Encyclopedia of the American Left

Teaching In Prisons

  • Dan Schultz, Cayuga Community College, Auburn Correctional Facility
  • Regi Teasley, Keuka College, Elmira Correctional Facility

Drugs, Denial and American Culture

Discourse, Ethics and Intellectuals Life in Black

The Alternative Press and the Left: How Can Alternative Papers Further the Goals and Visions of the Left?

Leninism: Towards Rejection or Renewal

Dynamics of the Crisis in the Soviet Type Environment

  • Behzad Yaghmaian, Economics, Stockton State College, Paper - Causes and Consequences of Soviet Economic Reforms
  • Raymond Lotta, Paper - Perestroika: Failure of Socialism or Crisis State Capitalism
  • Larry Everest, author, Soviet 'New Thinking' and the World Economy, Paper - Constraints and Contradictions of Empir
  • Susan Rezvani, Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center

Race and Class

Democratic Movements in Post-Communists Societies

The Democratic Party and Electoral Strategy for the Left

Ecology, Debt Crisis and Global Green Politics

The Economics of Perestroika

The Future of Socialism: Implications for Western Europe and the United States

Paulo Freire's Empowering Education: Teaching for Critical Consciousness

  • Ira Shor, English, College of Staten Island

Politics of Western Medicine: Cancer, Aids and Poverty

Political Change in Eastern Europe: A Roundtable Discussion

Crisis or Bureaucratic Order: Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China; Restructuring from below

International Labor Solidarity: Eastern Europe and Beyond

Democratization, Reaction, and the United States Role: The Cases of South Korea and the Philippines

The Marginalization of Africa

The New African-American Middle Class and the Struggle for Black Empowerment

Covert Action at Home and Abroad

Teaching Marxism in the Classroom

  • Sponsor: Radical Philosophy Association
  • Moderator: Stephen Jay Gould, Philosophy, Connecticut State
  • Paula Rothenberg, NJ Project Integrating Scholarship on Gender, Paper - Teaching Issues Race, Class, Gender and Homophobia
  • Phil Presbey, Philosophy, Albertus Magnus College, Paper - Teaching Marx on a Just Distribution of Wealth
  • Bill Sensiba, Political Science, Stockton State College, *Paper - Radicalizing Students at the State College

New York and London: Cities in Decay

Labor Movement Role with Non-US Trade Unions

Feminism and the Public Sphere

Drug Wars on the Left

How To Disscuss the Soviet Direction Direction of Reform: Dialogue and Discussion

Culture Gender and Freedom

Where are We in History

Intellectuals and the Revolution in East Europe

Cocaine, Covert Operations and the Constitution

Prospects for Democracy in Post Communist Societies

Author Meets Critics Alan Wolfe, "Of Whose Keeper, Moral Obligation and Social Science"

Social Policy and Economic Liberalism in Latin America

The Impact of Changes in Eastern Europe on the Economics and Political Movements in Africa and Latin America

Cuba from a Cuban Perspective

Democratic Socialism: It's Ethical Necessity and Real Possibly

The Imperial City: New York Servicing the World

The Lure of Market in Eastern Europe

The Future of Gorbachev's Reform Politics

Sex Work, Aids and Power

Elementry Through College: What Hirsch and Bloom Don't Know

Author Meets Critics: Dick Howard, "The Marxism Legacy"

Contract Negotiations and the Rank and File

Palestinian and Israeli Women in the Struggle for Peace and Liberation - a slide show, lecture, discussion

Dimensions of Raya Dunayevskaya's Marxist Humanism

  • Laurie Green, History, New York University, Paper - On Rosa Luxemburg and Marxist Feminism
  • Nigel Gibson, Political Science, Columbia University
  • Kevin Anderson, Sociology, Northern Illinois University, Paper - On Dialectics and Humanism
  • Ted McGlone, Economics, St. John's University, Paper - On State Capitalism and the Eastern European Revolts

Socialist States-Socialist World: Evaluating the Current Terms of Crisis: Roundtable Editors Socialism and Democracy

Postmodern Racial Politics

Time for a Left Third Party?

The Politics of Socialist Ecology

Socialist Prospects and the End of the Cold War

Michael Harrington as Theorist: A Critical Evaluation

Pornography with a Human Face: Towards a Sexual Glastnost

Building Bridges: Community-Labor Coalitions

Television and the Public Sphere

Recent Developments in Marxist Theory

Labor Resurgency?

Nicaragua's 1990 Elections: The US War Continues

The Viability of Jewish Life in the Soviet Union Today

That was Then, This is Now: Young Activists Reflect on the Legacy of the 1960's

The Franco-German Couple and the European Economic Community

Sex Abuse: Threat or Menace

Cuba Today

Students Movements in Authoritarian Societies

The Left and the Prospects for the Dinkins Mayoralty

Topics in Gay Male Liberation, A Roundtable Discussion

Women Aids, and Activism

Ecological Economics (and Report from TOES 1990)

Is Socialism Dead?

Derrida and Marx: Contradictions and Possibilities

  • Sponsor: Radical Philosophy Association
  • Moderator: Brian Seitz
  • Arthur Lipow, Queens College
  • Nora R. Wainer, English, CUNY Graduate Center, Paper - The Equation of Derrida and Marx
  • Bill Martin, Philosophy, University of Kansas, Paper - Enlightened Socialism: Stalinism & and Prospects for Community
  • Leonard Lawlor, Philosophy, Memphis State University, Paper - Political Risks: On Derrida's Notion of Difference
  • Fred Evans, Philosophy, Lowa State University, Paper - Language and Political Agency: Derrida, Marx and Bahktin

The Soviet Union Tomorrow

The Politics of Post-Modernism

German Reunification Prospects and Problems

Rethinking the American Communist Legacy

Author Meets Critics: Lawrence Weschler "A Miracle, A Universe: Settling Accounts with Toturers"

Ecology in Europe East and West and Future of the Left

Many Singles Issues Together Make a Big Majority

Immigration and Ethnic Politics In Western Europe

Workshop on Researching the Corporatization of the Universe and the Struggle Against Elitism, Sexism and Racism

Resistance and Demoralization: Responses to War

After Panama: U.S. Imperialism in the Caribbean and Central America

Roundtable on Ecology, Economy, Equality; Towards a Black, Red and Green Perspective

New Directions for the Labor Movement: Rankand File Fightbacks In the Labor Movement

After the Cold War

National Liberation Struggles In the Light of Perestroika and Glastnost

Nationalism and Its Alternatives: Radical Perspectives on Sovereignty and Citizenship

Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: The Impact on Region

Labor and the Media

Contradictions in the Contemporary Chinese State

The Left and Legalization

Where Should Socialists go from Here


  1. Second Annual Socialist Scholars Conference program.