Socialist Scholars Conference 1966

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The 1966 Socialist Scholars Conference, was held September 9-11 , at the Hotel Commodore, New York.[1]

Steering Committee for 1966

In 1966, the following served on the Steering Committee for the 1966 Socialist Scholars Conference:[2]


On Socialist Man

Components of Contemporary Revolutionary Movements


Libermanism and Economic Reforms in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

The New System of Economic Management and Planning in the USSR

A Critique of Economic Soviet Economic Union Reforms

Soviet and Eastern European Economic Reforms: A Hallway House


Realism in Literature Fantastic Realism

Critical Realism


Poverty and Powerlessness

Organizing the Poor: Can it Be Done?


Critique of Baran and Sweezy, Monopoly Capital

Dinner Address:

Political Ideology of American Corporate Liberalism

The Corporate Ideology of American Labor Leaders: From Gompers to Hillman

The Corporate-Liberal Ascendancy and the Socialist Acquiescence: An Inquiry into Strange Times


The Crisis of the Comintern: Fascism and the Popular Front

Communist Theories of Fascism, 1921-1935

The Formation of the Popular Front in France: Socialist-Communist Unity of Action in 1934

No Pararan! - Notes on the Origins of the Frente Popular


Contemporary Imperialism

The Economics of Contemporary U.S. Imperialism


The Legacy of Negro Slavery

The Legacy of Negro Slavery and the Roots of Black Nationalism



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