Socialist Party of Aotearoa

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Socialist Party of Aotearoa is New Zealand's mainline communist party. It was formed in 1990 from a split with the Socialist Unity Party.


1990 November, Socialist Party of Aotearoa formed from split in the Socialist Unity Party's Auckland members. A Theory is that the SPA was deliberately formed to bring back into the fold SUP members disillusioned with the SUP's support for Labour.

1992 June, published their 1st newsletter. Stated that SPA branches meet monthly, the executive fortnightly and as required. "We welcome discussion with all sectors of the exploited and oppressed people of Aotearoa there are two levels of membership: full and associate, associate being for those who identify with our aims and wish to be on the mailing list." The newsletter also stated SPA members participated in the Pak N Save picket at Glen Innes."

The editorial of SPA's 1st newsletter stated: "How does SPA reconcile qualified support for the Alliance 'party' with our long term socialist objective? This is not the time for small left parties to 'purely' stand aside from such processes; it is the time for them to share some of their working class knowledge and analysis and make some effort to halt a 'three capitalist party grip' occurring or an MMP electoral process in which no major left force is present.