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Sirad Hassan

Sirad Hassan

US Foreign Policy forum

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Panellists Sirad Hassan, Samy Amkieh, Mohammed Shakibnia.

"The Gig Economy: The Fight of the Working Class"

Join the DSA Muslims, DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus, and Gig Workers Rising in a discussion which centers working class voices and expands the conversation surrounding tactics for union and labor organizing, particularly in the Gig Economy. We aim to get a stronger grasp of the unique challenges that the pandemic has brought to labor organizing as well as the opportunities it has presented in growing an internationalist workers movement.

Panelists: Moumita Ahmed, Ali Najmi, Nimo Omar, Cherri Murphy.


Participants included Joshua Baldwin, Samy Amkieh, Julie Seager, Bianca Cunningham, Miles Cooper, Tamara Kamatovic, Ian Ardoouin-Fumat, Daniel Damma, Yaseen Hashmi, Abshir Omar, Tonje Ettesvoll, Esterphanie St. Juste, Hector, Natnael, Roberto Moreno, Dina Benayad-Cherif, Jay, [1]

DSA Muslim Caucus

According to Yaseen Hashmi, a Master of Divinity candidate in his second year at Harvard Divinity School, writing in Progressive Policy Review, in spring 2020, after the conclusion of the Democratic primary race and COVID-19 dealt a one-two punch to the personal and political hopes of progressives around the country, many rightfully resigned themselves to just getting through each new day. A few Muslim students, however, had a seed in hand and the heart to plant it.

Inspired by the revolutionary legacy of Malcolm X, students Sirad Hassan, Samy Amkieh, and Abdelhamid Arbab put out a statement calling for a “dedicated group of Muslims within the Democratic Socialists of America,” meant to organize against the chokehold of corrupt and racist capitalist structures. Following the assertion that a truly faithful understanding of the Islamic tradition should motivate Muslims in America to strive for racial, economic, and environmental justice, this DSA Muslim Caucus would focus on issue-based advocacy within the Muslim community. Many heard the call—within months, the group became a Caucus, building toward formal recognition as a “Working Group” within the DSA at large.[2]

Sirad Hassan is a graduate student at Columbia University, Samy Amkieh is an undergraduate student at Brown University and former Bernie 2020 Campaign Staffer, and Abdelhamid Arbab is an undergraduate student at Princeton University.[3]

YDS of Princeton Closed FB Group

Members of the Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton Closed Facebook Group, accessed September 3, 2017 included Sirad Hassan.[4]