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Sheila O’Connell

Political experience

In 2015 Rep. Chris Van Hollen hired a veteran operative with experience in Maryland to manage his bid for Senate, his campaign said Thursday. John Fritze of the Sun reports that Van Hollen, a Montgomery County Democrat, has hired Sheila O’Connell to run his campaign. O’Connell worked as the Maryland state director for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and as strategic adviser to the 2012 marriage equality effort.[1]

Maryland Together We Rise

BALTIMORE, Md. (February 1, 2018) - Today a collaboration of Maryland organizations and concerned citizens announced an independent expenditure campaign, Maryland Together We Rise, advocating for the election of Ben Jealous for Governor.

The campaign will be under the direction of Sheila O’Connell and Marvin Randolph, seasoned political veterans with statewide and national experience.

“After one term of Larry Hogan, Maryland families are looking for new leadership,” said Sheila O’Connell, President of Maryland Together We Rise. “Marylanders want jobs and economic opportunity across the entire state, and a leader who will take on the rising cost of healthcare and the fight for a livable wage. With experience as an executive and civil rights leader, Ben Jealous knows how to bring people together and solve problems.”

O’Connell also noted that given the success of Democratic candidates across the country since the election of Donald Trump as President, Maryland Together We Rise is optimistic about the opportunity to defeat Larry Hogan as Governor. Furthermore, Democrats in Maryland currently have a 2:1 registration edge over Republicans in Maryland.