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Shana East is a board member at Our Revolution - Illinois.

She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

DSA for Social Justice

In 2021 Democratic Socialists of America for Economic Justice Public Facebook page Admins and Moderators included Shana East.

Party of the European Left hosts American Socialists September 2018

Eyes to the West

On Sept 7 2018, Tatu Ahponen tweeted[1] that Matt Bruenig was speaking in Finland, while Bhaskar Sunkara and Shana East waited:

"Presentation in Finland by @MattBruenig, @sunraysunray and @TheShanaEast waiting."
Tatu Ahponen's tweet

The Party of the European Left hosted the event, called "Eyes to the West." From Shana East's blog:[2]

"People always say, “all politics are local” –which Shana sincerely believed until just recently. In September, she was invited by the Party of the European Left to travel to Finland to present at a seminar, conduct a workshop, and tour to various cities to do a presentation and lead a group discussion about campaigns like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent upset in NY’s 14th District, and movements like the #FightFor15, Poor People’s Campaign, and Occupy Wall Street. The entire trip was eye opening for Shana, as she got to talk to comrades overseas about what they were experiencing and how it compared to the struggles back home. She got to learn about their electoral and healthcare systems, and about how they approach gun control, and that there were better ways of doing things actually working for the most part despite the popular narratives we hear in the US, via mainstream media and even our own electeds.
"Shana and her new Finnish friends began discussing the need for an international left network, to exchange ideas, share strategies and tactics, and simply to share information about events as they unfold in our home countries.
"Just three months after its conception, and already X amount of people have joined this network from Y amount of countries. They have curated and produced 5 international issue-based zoom conferences, all of which have truly informed the organizing work of those who participated.
"As a result of this work, Shana was invited by the Party of the European Left to participate in the Bilbao European Forum, which was a 3 day conference in Spain (Basque Country) with the intention of promoting international collaboration and solidarity between dozens of parties, organizations and movements. The forum was attended by over 400 delegates from Europe, Latin America, North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa.
"The Bilbao European Forum only further reinforced the importance of ongoing international organization and solidarity, and has inspired Shana to forge ahead with her efforts. She has been invited to participate next in the 2019 Left Forum and Sao Paulo Forum.


"November 2018
"Bilbao European Forum | Bilbao, Basque Country
"Became non-member observer to the Party of the European Left
"September 2018
"‘Eyes to the West’ seminar and press event | Helsinki, Finland
"Organizing Workshop, Left Alliance Party | Helsinki, Finland
"Left Campaigns and Movements, Left Alliance Party | Jyväskylä, Finland
"Left Campaigns and Movements, Left Alliance Party | Tampere, Finland

DSA International Committee


January 2019.

People for Bernie

In 2016 Shana East of Chuy Garcia Campaign, Girl Group Chicago, TRACERS was a leader of People for Bernie.

Illinois for Bernie People's Convention


Northern Illinois Democratic Socialists of America July 15 2019 ·

Dear comrades-

My name is Shana East and I am the lead organizer of the Illinois for Bernie People's Convention taking place in Rosemont, IL on Saturday, July 27th. Similar to the convention we had around the same time back in 2015, this will be a day of networking with fellow Bernie supporters, and an opportunity to have conversations around how to build this grassroots campaign and our movement. There will also be awesome speakers like Brand New Congress endorsed candidate and star of the Netflix hit, 'Knock Down the House,' Cori Bush and DSA endorsed (as well as BNC endorsed) candidate Anthony Clark.

I am a member of Chicago DSA and am extending invites to all the DSA chapters and organizing committees in Illinois. We will have a DSA table there for lit and for members to talk to folks about the organization. If you are interested, I would like to set two spots aside for any delegates you might want to send to represent your chapter. And if there is any way to send a general notice out to your full membership that would be greatly appreciated! For more information about the event, here is our Eventbrite registration page ( as well as the Facebook event page (

We really hope you can make it! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, or just to learn more.

In Solidarity,

Shana East, Steering Committee Member, Illinois for Bernie.

'DNC bird caucus'

Our Revolution - Illinois August 25, 2018:

Via Nomiki Konst: "The Our Revolution and 'DNC bird caucus' celebrating a great win for the slate of DNC reforms!!!"

Dsancos.JPG — with Nomiki Konst, Curtis Wylde, Ahmed Khan, Shana East, Yasmine Taeb, Maggie Wunderly, Elizabeth Lindquist, Alison Silagi Squires, Caesar Vargas, Yesenia Mata, Rebecca Abraham, Clem Balanoff, Martese Chism and Nasr Jahangir.

Chicago DSA Closed Facebook group

This is the official Facebook group for Chicago DSA and its branches (South Side, Northside, and Oak Park)

Members of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group, as of April 21, 2017 included Shana East .[3]

"No Dudes Allowed"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America **No Dudes Allowed** maybe Dank Meme Stash members, as of November 2, 2017 included Shana East.[4]

Resistance Culture: A Chicago DSA Working Group

Members of Resistance Culture: A Chicago Democratic Socialists of America Working Group, a Public Facebook Group, accessed February 10, 2018 included Shana East.

This page is intended as an ad-hoc start to a proposed working group based around the exploration of arts, culture and radical social change among Chicago members of Democratic Socialists of America. [5]