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Sandra Reid has been an editorial board member since 1992, and serves as Production Manager. She is also the founder and coordinator of Speakers for a New America, the speakers bureau of the People's Tribune and its sister publication, the Tribuno del Pueblo.

League comrades

Daymon J. Hartley January 5, 2014 · League of Revolutionaries for a New America leaders.


With Cathy Talbott, David Smokler, General Baker, Darryl Waistline Mitchell, Nelson Peery, Jerome Scott, Dorothy Pinkney, Marian Kramer, Claire McClinton and Sandra Reid. Plus Edward Pinkney.

League of Rolutionaries for a New America MLK luncheon, Detroit

Daymon J. Hartley January 19 2019:


With Laura Steibel Sessions, Susan Sunshine, Robert Lee, Sandra Reid and Dorothy Pinkney.

Valerie Jean January 12 2019.


With Tommy Tackett, Marian Kramer, Al Gladyck and Sandra Reid in Detroit, Michigan.

People's Tribune

People's Tribune is the newspaper of League of Revolutionaries for a New America.

As of January 2015, the Editorial Board included;[1]

Board Members: