San Diego Progressive Labor Summit 2018

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San Diego Progressive Labor Summit 2018 is a one-day event, bringing together members of the San Diego Labor community with left-of-center activists and leaders to build stronger understanding, knowledge, skills, and partnerships in tackling the broader social challenges we are facing today. Within the context of the current political climate, it is more important than ever that we are able to build strong, authentic, non-transactional relationships that allow us to move forward together in solidarity, as we strive towards greater justice for the communities we serve and represent. While many of us have collaborated and interacted tangentially - and are even members of both organized Labor and the Democratic Party - the new political landscape requires us to be more intentional and strategic than ever in order to create the changes we seek. This second annual summit will build on the work begun last year, to help us strengthen our foundation for that work.


Public. Hosted by Carol Kim, Tom Lemmon, Jim Miller, Bernadette Butkiewicz, Fayaz Nawabi, Lucas O'Connor, Rick Bates, Gretchen Newsom.

General Session Speakers:

Breakout Sessions: