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Sameena Usman

Standing for AD 25

In 2019 Sameena Usman stood from AD 25 on the Progressive slate for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.[1]

Ellison connection


Cullen Tiernan, Keith Ellison, Sameena Usman, Hosan Haggag February 2017.

Muslim Dems and Friends Democratic Club of Alameda County

Cullen Tiernan March 27, 2018 near Fremont, CA:

Live streaming Congressman Eric Swalwell at our Muslim Dems and Friends Democratic Club of Alameda County Meeting 📡🇺🇸

  1. engage #livestream #congress #fremontfirst #transparency #party #ask #questions

Photo credit: Nomi Dar 🙏🏽 — with Sameena Usman, Mohsin Mirza, Sabina Zafar and Moina Shaiq.

Bernie family

Cullen Tiernan January 28, 2017:

Congressman Ro Khanna and the Bernie family gather together after discussing our ideas concerning a more progressive push for the Democratic Party 🎉🔥🎉

  1. allofustogether — with Ankur Rishi, Cecilia Sistena, Dolly Adams, Rocky Fernandez, Mahesh Pakala, Vinnie Bacon, Sameena Usman, Kelsey Pressnall, Ro Khanna, Marisol Rubio, Hosam Haggag, Michele Obermeyer, Sam Obermeyer, Stephanie Quilao, Rishi Kumar, Andrew Gasperini, Alison Flemings Buliavac and Nassim Nouri at Vito's Famous Pizza & Italian Restaurant.

CAIR guest

Representative Zoe Lofgren January 12, 2016.


I have heard far too much ugly and un-American rhetoric directed towards Muslim-Americans recently. That’s why I’m delighted Sameena Usman from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) accepted my invitation to attend President Obama’s final State of the Union. She is a tireless advocate for civil rights and equal treatment under the law for all.