Sally Lieber

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Sally Lieber

Backing Sally Lieber


Peninsula Democratic Socialists of America February 16 2020.

Peninsula DSA is proud to endorse DSA member Sally Lieber for State Senate!

Silicon Valley DSA endorsement


Standing for AD 24

In 2019 Sally Lieber stood from AD 24 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

State Assemblywoman (Ret) and Nonprofit Leader

I believe in working hard for progressive change. As a City Councilwoman, Mayor and State Assemblywoman and as a lifelong Democrat I have seen the critical need for our Party to stand up to amplify the voices of people in need, to speak for the environment and to overturn injustices.

In the Assembly, I led the successful fight for a higher statewide minimum wage, authored new laws to combat human trafficking and empower survivors, and enacted new laws to ensure that polluters pay for climate damage and are held accountable for cleaning up our air and water.

Now it is time to work together to make the California Democratic Party the best, most inclusive, most effective volunteer and progressive political force in all 50 states. The critical elections of 2020 are coming and we’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference for equality, for reversing our climate crisis, prioritizing schools over prisons and ensuring the dignity of women, immigrants and people of all abilities. Together we can!.[1]