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Salima Siler Marriott was affiliated to the Rainbow Coalition.

Celebrating 100 years of the Party

According to Tim Wheeler a multi-racial crowd from the mid-Atlantic region, Sept. 15, 2019 celebrated the founding of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) a century ago in 1919, filling a church here with singing, poetry, and calls for the ouster of President Trump.

Kuya Kemet, chair of the gathering, welcomed people who traveled from Virginia and Washington D.C. to join the Baltimore crowd.

Keynote speaker Carol Widom, a leader of the CPUSA from Brooklyn, N.Y., assailed Trump for abandoning Puerto Rico after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria two years ago. It triggered a massive uprising, she said. “It was a broad struggle that went beyond just trying to get rid of the government.”

Former Maryland State Legislator Salima Siler Marriott said she met members of the Baltimore party club 35 years ago. A decade ago, she added, socialism was a scare word. Now, candidates “are not afraid to say they are socialists,” and are winning election. [1]

CP of Maryland connection

In the July 14, 2003 People's Weekly World (PWW) article about the life history and death of Howard B. Silverberg, several names appeared of people who knew him and in some cases, worked with him in various groups. Not all of them have been identified as members of the CP of Maryland, and some may not be members but only acquaintances worthy of note.

Salima Siler Marriott - "Maryland state legislator" ... "delivered a citation with the Maryland state seal honoring Silverberg. She recalled her political discussions with Silverberg at countless backyard cookouts by Party members. "It has enabled me to speak truth to power even in the halls of the General Assembly and to write a letter to President Bush telling him his war on Iraq is wrong," she said."

NOW endorsement

In 1996 NOW endorses Salima Marriott, citing her activism.

Del. Salima Siler Marriott, a second-term delegate from West Baltimore's 40th District and a social work professor at Morgan State University, has received the endorsement of the National Organization for Women.

Ms. Marriott is one of 27 Democrats running for the 7th Congressional District seat in Tuesday's primary election.

NOW cited Ms. Marriott's "more than 30 years of activism, advocacy and leadership on issues important to Maryland women and children."

Ms. Marriott was chair of the National Women's Health Project and has lobbied Congress to bring greater attention to the needs of black women in the national health care debate.[2]

1988 Maryland Rainbow Coalition State convention

Held December 3, 1988, nearly 100 attendees.

Officers elected;

Michael Meiselman of Machinists local 1140, welcomed the attendees. Key note was Dr. Alvin Thornton of Howard University.[3]