Salem Acuna

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Salem Acuna

Salem Acuna is a latino, queer regional organizer with Southerners On New Ground. As an immigrant, originally from Santiago, Chile, Salem is committed to social change and liberation work that is rooted in an international understanding of oppression and history. An understanding that recognizes that we are all part of one another and that social change must come from communities directly impacted by oppression–in any part of the world. Through his work with SONG, Salem has been part of community organizing efforts on a local, regional and national level and has experience working on issues of anti-violence, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, language justice and anti racism. Salem is committed to radical and long-term social change that centers transformation, accountability, resilience and joy within ourselves, our communities and our world. [1]

SONG staff

Southerners On New Ground staff As of 2015;[2]

"Languague justice"


August 24, 2016, Cazembe Jackson, National Organizer of Freedom Road Socialist Organization sent a Spanish version of Freedom Road's 20016 election strategy on Facebook to several "language justice" activists, including Rosa Ponce, Hermalinda Cortes, Xochitl Bervera, Tristan Call, Salem Acuna, Maria Poblet, Marisa Franco, and Brenda Perez.