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Ryan Skolnick

Template:TOCnestleft Ryan Skolnick is a Senior Staff Writer at the Millennial Institute and an Elected Delegate to the California Democratic Party. Latterly an organizer for the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United.



Ryan Skolnick is a socialist.

DSA rose

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Flipped the 25th

Ryan Skolnick November 11, 2018:

Looking determined after flipping the 25th blue, NBD. #TeamKatie — with Morgan Desjardins, Michelle Casiano Kampbell, Mai Nguyen Do, Ryan Valencia, Zack Czajkowski, Nathan Bousfield, Andrew Munson, Lucas Holtz and Katie Hill for Congress.


Millennials for Revolution

Ryan Skolnick September 4, 2016:


At the Simi volunteer meet up with fellow Millennial for Revolution Betsy Avila! Our work has only just begun :)

Ryan Skolnick June 9, 2017:


Introducing the Millennials For Revolution team! — with Lily Starling, David Ian Robin, Ethan B. Fox, Justin Chew, Moumita Ahmed, Betsy Avila and Zackary Reinhardt.

MFR at the People's Summit

Ryan Skolnick June 11, 2017:

Millennials For Revolution has some big plans in the works. Expanding our network and bringing other politically engaged basement dwelling river rats into the process is the first step. Let's #SeizeTheMemes!!!

  1. PPLSummit — with Ethan B. Fox, Noemi Aidee Tungui, Ashik Siddique, Tania Singh, Zackary Reinhardt, Carla Borderies, David Ian Robin, Shawnee Badger and Logan Smith.

Millennials for Revolution Dank Meme Commune


Millennials For Revolution closed Facebook page. Moderators

De Leon backers

Ryan Skolnick July 15, 2018:


These rock stars are why we are able to call Kevin de Leon the endorsed Senate Candidate of the California Democratic Party — with Stacy Fortner, Manuel Zapata, David Atkins, Josh Donner, Richard M. Mathews, Clifford J. Tasner, RL Miller, Cathy Willott, Varsha Sarveshwar and Logan Smith.

Kevin de Leon victory

Cullen Tiernan July 15, 2018 ·


A few of the brilliant minds that helped bring us Kevin de Leon for U.S. Senate’s victory. — with Ryan Skolnick, Eddie Mendoza and Soli Alpert in Oakland, California.


Ryan Skolnick February 3, 2018:


With AJ Valenzuela, Kevin de Leon and Tania Singh.

Bernie supporters

Ryan Skolnick August 16, 2016:


Voter reg at Moorpark. That campaign was life-changing. It really was. — with Trevor Carl Allen, Karen Stevens, Douglas Johannes, Christine Cooper and Karina Kaye at Moorpark College.

Ryan Skolnick June 28, 2016:


We helped lead the charge in California. Now we're coming for the rest of the country. #TheWerkNeverStops — with Marlene MacAulay, John Casselberry, Betsy Avila, Bretta Evans, Joe Ayala and Trevor Carl Allen.

Standing for AD 38

In 2019 Ryan Skolnick stood from AD 38 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

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I am a progressive Democrat, single payer activist, and policy wonk. Since getting elected as a delegate two years ago, I’ve helped effect change both within and outside the Democratic Party. Working with National Nurses United and other affiliated groups, I helped mobilize the effort to pass single payer here in California, and helped write I-1600, the single payer initiative in Washington State. Within the Party, as a member of the Credentials, and later Rules, committees, I wrote two bylaws changes, both of which passed. The first would curb the ability of sexual predators to receive the Party endorsement, the second allows us to mobilize behind legislation we endorse as a Party. I also helped lead Party opposition to AB 84, a bill that would have seized power from grassroots Democrats and transferred it to a few legislative elites. I hope I can count as your support as we move to expand these efforts to make the Democratic Party more active, vibrant, and inclusive..[2]

Standing for AD 38, 2017

Ryan Skolnick January 6, 2017 ·


Everyone! The ADEM elections are this weekend! If you know who you are voting for, please double check voting times so you can be sure you get a ballot! If you aren't sure who you are voting for, progressive slates, put together by the members of Democracy for America, Progressive Democrats of America, and the CDP Progressive Caucus (http://progressiveslates.org/) and ADEMS vote (adems2017.vote) a... See More

Lobbying Brownley

Ryan Skolnick September 27, 2017:


Lobbying Congresswoman Brownley to Co-sponsor the #PeoplesPlatform, including #HR676! #MedicareForAll — with Congresswoman Julia Brownley, Lisa Kay, Wendy Gladwin, Troy Corley, Penny Fargo, Elaine Goldman, Deborah Madden, Ronald OBrien, Raymond Freeman and Karina Kaye.

Health care rally

Ryan Skolnick July 23, 2017:


Healthcare is a human right! — with Zenaida Huerta, Marcia Martin, Yolanda Varela Gonzalez, Meleesa Gee, Lesley Kushner, Brenda Gutierrez and Josh Brennecke.

Caucus meeting

Bill Honigman August 26, 2017 ·


CDP Progressive Caucus meeting rocks!! — feeling motivated with Marlin Medrano, Katrina Bergstrom, Zach Denney, Susie Shannon, Marcy Winograd, Karen Bernal and Ryan Skolnick in Anaheim, California.

Progressive Caucus Minutes at E-Board Meeting


(Sat., Aug. 26, 2017.) Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort, Plaza D,1855 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802 (5:45- 7:45 pm)

  • Call to Order, Welcome by the Chair
  • Quorum, Approval of the Agenda
  • Officer Reports
  • Single Payer Healthcare and SB 562: Making It a Reality
  • Speakers: Ro Khanna, U.S. Representative, Congressional District 17; Amy Hines-Shaikh, Legislative and Political Director, UPTE-CWA Local 9119; Don Nielsen, Director of Government Relations, California Nurses Association. Moderator: Ryan Skolnick
  • Chair’s Closing Remarks & Adjourn[3]

Ryan Skolnick August 27, 2017 ·

The #SB562 panel was a great success! So thankful to Don Nielsen, Amy Hines-Shaikh, and Congressman Ro Khanna for making my job as moderator so easy!


And of course, thank you Karen, Zach, Marlin, Katrina, and the rest of the progressive caucus for a great meeting! — attending Progressive Caucus Meeting at Summer 2017 E-Board at Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort.

Progressive Caucus' healthcare forum

Cullen Tiernan August 28, 2017 near Anaheim, CA ·

Rep. Ro Khanna speaking at the Progressive Caucus' healthcare forum. 🔥🙏🏽🇺🇸

  1. healthcareisahumanright #healthy #California #allofustogether #democrats #political #engage — with Ro Khanna, Ryan Skolnick, Yosh Yamanaka, Jon Schnitzer, Maria Estrada and Marcia Martin.