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DSA Council support

In 1991 the Los Angeles Democratic Socialists of America local supported two winning candidates for the Los Angeles City Council — Mark Ridley-Thomas and Ruth Galanter.[1]

No War In Iraq

On Feb. 18, 2003, seven members of the Los Angeles City Council voted "yes" after Eric Garcetti eloquently introduced the No War In Iraq resolution which was seconded by Ruth Galanter. Seven strong statements were made on behalf of the innocent civilian populations of Iraq and against a preemptive, first-strike policy by the U.S. The "only problem at City Council today was IT NEEDED 8 VOTES TO PASS!"

The seven voting "yes"---Cindy Miscikowski, Ed Reyes, Nate Holden, Janice Hahn, Ruth Galanter, Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti------needed an eighth vote.

Nick Pacheco who is expected to vote yes was absent.

Cindy Miscikowski, in "a admirable procedural step", cited the lack of a decisive vote--- 7 to 5 --- and moved that a final vote take place Friday. That proposal was accepted.

Neighbors For Peace & Justice, actors Ed Asner and David Clennon, the religious, labor and academic leaders who spoke so effectively and the hundreds, from virtually every movement, who showed up to keep their feet.

Coalition for World Peace urged its members to pressure Coucil members to obtain the deciding eigth vote.[2]