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Rose Ann DeMoro

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Flacks protoge

Though most of Dick Flacks' protégés have been men — known as the Flacks Boys — he has mentored a number of influential women including Rose Ann DeMoro, the head of California Nurses Association.

The work of these men and women prove something that Dick Flacks believes with all his might: Small groups of individuals can make history.[1]

Interim National Council

As at April 2005, the following served as chairs on the National Council of the Labor Party:[2]

Labor Campaign for Single Payer

In 2009 Rose Ann DeMoro, Exec. Director CNA/NNOC served on the National Advisory Board of Labor Campaign for Single Payer.


In 2009 Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director of the California Nurses Association served as a co-chair on the board of directors of Healthcare-Now! .[3]

UC Berkeley Labor Center

In 2009 Rose Ann DeMoro of California Nurses Association served on the advisory board of UC Berkeley Labor Center.[4]


May 2017, top registered nurse leaders of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC) have been re-elected to new three-year terms spearheading one of the most prominent nurses and health care and social advocacy organizations in the U.S.

CNA/NNOC Co-Presidents RNs Deborah Burger, Zenei Cortez, Cokie Giles, and Malinda Markowitz, and Treasurer Martha Kuhl all won re-election to new terms. Incumbent board member Cathy Kennedy, RN was elected to her first term as CNA/NNOC Secretary, replacing the retiring Margie Keenan, RN. All will take office at the upcoming CNA/NNOC convention in San Francisco in September

CNA/NNOC is the largest affiliate of National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in the U.S. NNU has 150,000 members, including 100,000 CNA/NNOC members in California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Washington DC, West Virginia and other locations.

CNA/NNOC Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro sent her congratulations to the election winners, calling the results “a strong mandate for the incredible accomplishments and direction of this organization, and the social change, patient advocacy program they have advanced—for an improved and expanded Medicare for all/single payer health care, and economic, social, and environmental justice.

Other RN election winners who will serve on the incoming CNA/NNOC board of directors are:

Martese Chism, Fong Chuu, Debbie Cuaresma, Kathy Dennis, Kathy Donohue, Maureen Dugan, Amy Erb, Amy Glass, Jennifer Holm, Carol Koelle, Diane Koorsones, Marissa Lee, Gina Macalino, Diane McClure, Allison Miller, Stephanie Patten, Sandy Redding, Katy Roemer, Jane Sandoval, Sherrie Stoddard, Dahlia Tayag, Dolores Trujillo, Valerie Verity-Mock, Rida Villanueva, Michelle Vo, David Welch, and Irma Westmoreland.

Eight of the RNs are newly elected to their positions, an important part of the regeneration of leadership in CNA/NNOC, noted DeMoro. “Our returning leaders are committed to working closely with the new members to assure a short learning curve that is essential to assuring no break in continuity in the critical work of our organization.”[5]

Bernie 2020

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Kat Brezler, Cori Bush, Roy Tatem, Rose Ann DeMoro.

"Night of progressive vision"


Nomiki Konst is with Josh Fox. December 1 2018 at 11:08 AM:

A wonderful night of progressive vision for the planet with John Cusack, Rose Ann DeMoro, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Yanis Varoufakis, Ben Jealous and Josh Fox. I could not imagine a better team or allies in this movement. And of course, friends and supporters