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Ron Varasteh is a Berniecrat, a term used for those democrats (generally) running for office who have expressed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[1]


Bao Nguyen supporters

Bill Honigman February 29, 2016 ·


So proud of Progressive Democrats of America Orange County CA Chapter endorsed candidate for US Congress CA46 Bao Nguyen who gave a phenomenal speech at our We Want Bernie rally yesterday outside the CDP convention. #FeelTheBern. :-) — with Marleen Gillespie, Ron Varasteh, Russell Greene, Donna Smith, Hugh Tra, Judy Hess, Pilar Schiavo, Paul Song, Mani Kang and Mary Carter at San Jose Convention Center.

Endorsing Varasteh

Bill Honigman March 31, 2016:


Tonight Progressive Democrats of America PDA Orange County CA Chapter voted unanimously to endorse candidate for Congress 'Ron Varasteh CA45 another fantastic Bernie Democrat. #FeelTheBern. :-) — with Ron Varasteh, Farrah Khan and Bernie Sanders in Irvine, California.

Standing for AD 74

In 2019 Ron Varasteh stood from AD 74 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

I’ve been a delegate to the state party for nearly a decade. I’ve been hosting Orange County’s Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) for 6-years. I’ve been the President of West OC Democrats for 6-years. I am the current Chair of Irvine Democrats.[2]

CA 45 Berniecrats

Bill Honigman May 2, 2016:


With Ron Varasteh, Marleen Gillespie, Iyad Afalqa, Samila Amany and Mani Kang in Irvine, California.

Socal PDAers

Bill Honigman May 25, 2014:


With Dean Inada, Larry D. Halstead, Elizabeth Warren, Mary Carter, Judy Hess, Russell Greene, Ron Varasteh, Mimi Kennedy, Janice I. Burstin, James Williams, Dorothy Reik, Judith R. Rice, John Hernandez, Chuck Krugman, Susan Meade Sanders, Marleen Gillespie, David Sonneborn and Teresa Priem.