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Robert L. Heilbroner

National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee

As of May 1964, Prof. R. L. Heilbroner Harvard University, was listed as a sponsor of the Communist Party USA front, National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Political Rights Defense Fund

As at July 22, 1975, Robert Heilbroner served on the Advisory Board of the New York based Political Rights Defense Fund.[1]

DSA member

In 1987, Robert Heilbroner, was a member of Democratic Socialists of America. [2]

DSA forum

In late 1989, New York Democratic Socialists of America, held a forum "Has Capitalism Won?" with Bogdan Denitch and Robert Heilbroner. [3]

Socialist Scholars 1997

In March 28-30 1997 Democratic Socialists of America convened their annual Socialist Scholars Conference at Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York.

The conference was themed "Radical alternatives on the eve of the millenium".

Invitees were asked to join Doug Henwood, Robert Heilbroner, Paul Sweezy, Harry Magdoff, Bill Tabb, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Fitch, Jane Slaughter and Ellen Meiksins Wood "as they debate changes in the labor movement, Marxist theory, the state of the economy, market socialism, and other areas where theory and practice meet".

Or "listen to the United States' only independent and socialist congressman", Rep. Bernie Sanders, "dialogue with" Joel Rogers of the New Party and In These Times' ....Salim Muwakkil on independent politics..[4].

"Michael Harrington and Today's Other America"

In 1998, a new film based on late Democratic Socialists of America leader Michael Harrington was released. "Michael Harrington and Today's Other America-Corporate Power and Inequality" featured interviews with Bogdan Denitch, Congressman Bernie Sanders, Frances Fox Piven, John Kenneth Galbraith, Rush Limbaugh, Senate Ted Kennedy, Jim Chapin, Robert Kuttner, Charles Murray, Robert L. Hellbroner, Joanne Barkan, Joseph Murphy and Bob Herbert. [5]


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