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Rhiana Gunn-Wright

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Before interning for First Lady Michelle Obama’s policy team, Rhiana Gunn-Wright cut her teeth in the policy-writing world working for two years at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in D.C.[1]


Robert Hockett has co-authored publications with Daniel Alpert, Saule Omarova and Rhiana Gunn-Wright.

Policy proposals

Abdul El-Sayed's campaign has put together a uniquely comprehensive suite of policy proposals, including a commitment to establishing a $15 minimum wage; tuition-free college for Michiganders with family income under $150,000; aggressive criminal justice reform; and the most detailed state-level single-payer health care plan ever.

This policy suite is the work of Rhiana Gunn-Wright, also a Rhodes Scholar, who originally hails from Chicago’s South Side. “We take what I call an intersectional approach to policy,” she says in a video explaining the campaign’s approach. When policymakers craft policy, it often fails to address the problems faced by a diverse constituency, says Gunn-Wright. By taking into account the full diversity of Michiganders’ lives, the team sought to craft policy that would resolve inequalities across the board while avoiding costly errors. “Overall, it just costs everyone a lot less energy,” she says.[2]