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Rex Wang is a Florida activist.

Communist Party member

In 2001 Rex Wang was member of the Communist Party USA in Ocala Florida. According to a report by Jacksonville Communist Party chair Russell Pelle Building the Communist Party USA in the South (PART 2);[1]

A dialectical approach is required: in mass work, in our press, we should be very direct: TAKE IT DOWN! Of course, this is what we want to accomplish. Comrades should emulate, and encourage others to emulate, the courageous initiative of our Ocala, Florida Comrade Rex Wang, an African American WWII veteran and former union leader who was jailed for removing the Confederate Flag from a local government building on a symbolic date chosen with tactical brilliance: July 4. (Juneteenth would be another appropriate date for such action – but any day is better than never). The comrade could have been sentenced to jail, but was given the humiliating (though preferable!) punishment of cleaning dog feces at the pound. The comrade did some public speaking, but we should do much more with him.


  1. Building the Communist Party USA in the South (PART 2) by Russell Pelle, Chair Communist Party of Jacksonville, Florida