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Reggie Gossett is an organizer with Critical Resistance through a Soros Justice Fellowship. As part of CR-NYC Reggie works to center the voices of people most impacted by the Prison Industrial Complex and those marginalized within the prison abolition movement, specifically lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer low income people of color.

Reggie has who has worked with a number of community organizations in New York City, including Columbia University's multiracial activist collective Students Promoting Empowerment and Knowledge. Reggie is a founding member of Welfare Warriors, a project of Queers for Economic Justice, which organizes low-income LGBT and gender nonconforming people in New York City. Reggie works with other family members of incarcerated people through Critical Resistance, co-editing the publication Thru the People, an art and political forum for incarcerated people and those affected by the prison-industrial complex. Reggie hails from Roxbury, Boston and lives in Brooklyn.[1]

Brecht Forum Baldwin event

JAMES BALDWIN: LIFE AND LEGACIES An Activist-Artist Round table , Brecht forum, 08/02/2007.

Join us for an activist round-table on the life and legacies of Black gay author/human rights activists James Baldwin, on the anniversary of his 81st birthday.

Panellists; Ajamu Sankofa Kenyon Farrow, Anika Lani Haynes, Reggie Gossett, Hank Williams.[2]