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Rawan Tayoon is a Southern California affiliate of Young Democratic Socialists.



Young Democratic Socialists at USC, January 11, 2017; ·

We're recruiting on Trousdale until 1:00! Come help us educate, agitate, and organize! — with Rawan Tayoon, Amanda Chan, Ben Hiller and Henry Mattei.


The Democratic Socialists of America, which gathered July 2017 in Chicago for its biennial convention, passed a resolution on Saturday to endorse the BDS movement. The vote in favor was so overwhelming, with so few dissenters — more than 90 percent supported the resolution — that no formal tally was taken. It marked the first time in the group’s 35-year history that it has taken a position on the issue.

“I expected it to pass, but it did surprise me how overwhelming the support was,” said Rawan Tayoon, a Palestinian DSA activist from Los Angeles. Tayoon helped draft the resolution as part of a group that began its work in the spring.

Another drafter, Benjamin Balthaser, a Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago member, who joined the DSA last year, said it was especially important for people from the Jewish community to make their voices heard on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “The Israeli government says it represents all Jews in the world,” Balthaser, who is Jewish, told The Intercept. “And I think it’s very important for the Jewish community to say, ‘We don’t feel represented by an apartheid government. We don’t feel represented by a military occupation.'”[1]

2017-2018 leadership

Young Democratic Socialists of America National Coordinating Committee, 2017-2018.[2]

YDS leaders

Young Democratic Socialists - Leaders is a closed Facebook group for leaders of their Young Democratic Socialists chapters.

As of June 17, 2017, members included Rawan Tayoon.[3]

YDSA Personnel

Members of the YDSA Members closed Facebook group, as of February 13, 2018 included Rawan Tayoon.[4]

YDS USC Reading Group


YDS USC Reading Group Public Facebook Group, accessed May 28, 2018.

Reading group associated with the Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Southern California. This is a casual group for discussion of relevant radical literature. First book is The Wretched of the Earth![5]

Members included Rawan Tayoon.


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