Raven Shanee

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Raven Shanee works at Department of Education. Lives in New York, New York. In a relationship with James Hampton, Jr.


  • Studied at CUNY York
  • Went to Clara Barton High School


Worked at Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition.

Venceremos Brigade 2013

Desiree DeLoach September 29, 2013


VB 44 at the mausoleum of Jose Marti. #Venceremos #WeShallOvercome #FreeTheCuban5 #Solidarity #EndTheTravelBan #EndTheBlockade — with Rachael Marie Ibrahim, Miguel Rodriguez, Essosinam Ward, Morgen Bromell, Leima Martínez Freire, Rita Kamani-Renedo, Yaya Maudia, Sekani Radellant, Jesus Noguera, Spencer Resnick, Raven Shanee, Ed Ra Go, Alex Deane, Anamiledys Rosario, Laura Nussbaum-Vazquez and Roxane Richir in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.