Rapi Castillo

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Rapi Castillo

Founders and supporters


New Reformers founders and supporters, from left to right: Rapi Castillo, Soumaly King, Prameet Kumar, Vigie Ramos Rios, Peter Beadle, Richard Nunez-Lawrence, Bright Limm, Maria Kaufer, Heather Dimitriadis, Ingrid Gomez, Martha Ayon, and Moumita Ahmed.

Caban campaign

Rapi Castillo June 23 2019·


Ready to knock doors this beautiful Sunday morning with David Duhalde and 40+ friends! bit.ly/cabangotv

Queens DSA Unofficial Facebook Group

Members of Queens Democratic Socialists of America unofficial closed Facebook group, August 2017 included Rapi Castillo .[1]