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Template:TOCnestleft Ramzy Baroud is a Palestinian-American journalist/activist.

NZ Greens connection


Gareth Hughes, Ramzy Baroud and Marama Davidson.

NZ connection


Mike Treen with Roger Fowler and Ramzy Baroud, Auckland Nabka march 2018.


As at September 14, 2001, Ramzy Baroud affiliated with the International Socialist Organization. These affiliations are evidenced by their contributions to the Sept. 14, 2011 issue of Socialist Worker, the newspaper of the organization, or by their involvement with the ISO, cited in the newspaper.

People Identified/Listed in the "What's On" events section on Page 12:

Ramzy Baroud - Palestinian journalist, Managing Editor of Middle East News online and editor-in-chief of the Palestinian Chronicle - Seattle talk, "The Crisis in Palestine: Why the U.S. Should End Aid to Israel", Sept. 15 Darrin Hoop - International Socialist Organization, same event, Seattle.