Rachel Dewey

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Rachel Dewey

Rachel Dewey-Thorsett works at Willamette University, Salem Oregon.

California State Senate bid

In 1992 Democratic Socialists of America member Rachel Dewey ran unsuccessfully for California State Senate. She got 45% of the vote, running as a Democrat.[1]

DSA support


California Democratic Socialists of America discussed its role in the Rachel Dewey California State Senate campaign, at an August 2 1992 meeting, in the Student Union, Stanford University, Palo Alto.

Democratic Socialists of America

In 1994, Dewey of Princeton, NJ was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America Steering Committee.[2]

Dewey, of the Central New Jersey DSA, was elected to the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee, at the November 1997 DSA National Convention in Columbus Ohio.[3]

"Socialist Forum"


In 1999 a Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee editorial committee consisting of Rachel Dewey, Joseph Schwartz and Eric Vega were assigned to select articles for publication that are representative of the range of views in the organization in the re-launched Socialist Forum.[4]



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