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The Proteus Fund is a publicly supported foundation, founded in 1994 and based in Amherst, Massachusetts which supports progressive organizations.


Proteus is best known for state-based grant-making. Foundations and individual donors pool their resources in order to support unified funding strategies. The fund provides philanthropic services such as management and consulting services to individual donors and private and family foundations. Its programs focus on learning for donors - through research and analysis, strategic discussions, docket preparation, donor meetings and briefings, and site visits with key organizations and leaders - enabling funders to extend their impact and achieve their goals by supporting the most effective work in the field.

Since 1994, Proteus has awarded $44 million to organizations.

Proteus Action League, our affiliated §501(c)(4) grantmaking organization, enables us to extend the impact of our social justice grantmaking.[1]

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Proteus Fund Board members, as of 2011;[2]

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The following are the Proteus Fund's grantmaking arms:

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