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The Progressive Youth Organization is as the name implies is a youth organization that aims to unite the widest possible section of progressive and revolutionary minded students and working class youth to serve the community and serve as advocates for issues that affect the hardworking people of Kansas City. We understand that our community is made up of many nationalities, religions, cultures, but we are all working class people. There are many problems faced by the people of Kansas City, such as access to education, justice for undocumented immigrants, daycare and afterschool programs for children, police brutality, access to jobs, jobs that pay too little etc. We believe that the role of students and youth should be to link up with the struggles of the working class and fight alongside them. This is why we are forming Progressive Youth Organization, so that the young people of our community can fight to unite the People.


Progressive Youth Organization was founded by Andres Herrera and Alex Armstrong after Herrera visited with the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee in New York City.[1]


Progressive Youth Organization is based Kansas City Missouri and is affiliated to the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee of New York City and Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, PHL, the Red Guards Austin and the Red Guards - Los Angeles. All are affiliated with the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party.

Obama: Go Big on Immigration! Rally and March

Friday 26 September 2014, Progressive Youth Organization organized a pro-amnesty rally in Kansas City.

The PYO is a Kansas City based organization that seeks to carry forward progressive and revolutionary politics to the widest section of people.
Join the Progressive Youth Organization and the Kansas-Missouri DREAM Alliance as we stand in solidarity of United We Dream's National Week of Action. We will gather in a rally and march to demand President Obama be accountable to the many separated families and those living in fear of deportation due to the broken immigration system and his lack of leadership. We need the President to GO BIG ON IMMIGRATION, our people can't wait!

Those indicating support on a Wherevent page for the march were Angie Vargas, Amanda Leigh Schieszer, David Ralph Young, Jose Pecina, Viridiana Davila, Kristin Chow, Larry Hales, Gary Laing, Aracely Palma Luna, Florina Hernandez, Kevin Caldwell, Winifred Varner Jamieson, Jessica Piedra, Lilly Illusione, Wendy Medina, Aude Negrete Banos, Melissa Archer, Coche Bomba, Diane Charity, Jackie Saavedra-Solorio, Abel Muhammad, Magali Rojas, Antonio Neuritos, Jose Luis Becerra, Arnoldo Rivas, El Flaco Martinez, Dee Medellin Szsz, Eric Zapata Boleware, Elizabeth Gomez, Micki Buschart, Karla Medina, Samantha Ochoa, Madina Salaty, Tafadar Sourov, William Simon Kang, Karen Santacruz Ortiz, Ahmad Maaz, Hannes V. Estrella, Luis Alvarado, Gustavo Romero, Juan Alvizo Diaz, Rodrigo Ferreira, Yesenia Jurado, Andrea Mejia Miranda, Sayra Gordillo, Judy Ancel, Edgar Galicia, Bianca Estala, Doug Schaible, Luis Panclasta, Will Suarez, Lin Biao, Tanke Tabardillo, Andrésito Herrera, Xanath Caraza, Catalina Velarde, Robert Sagastume, Cory Lumpenprole, El-kiss Kiris Kiss.[2]

"Break The Cages"

Kansas City, Thursday 17 December 2015, organized by Progressive Youth Organization, "Break The Cages: Support The Hunger Strikes, Refugees Welcome! Racists Go Home!"

Join Progressive Youth Organization in a solidarity picket as we stand with those on strike and to demand for their immediate release and for a more just immigration process as well as an end to a racist and xenophobic attitude towards immigrants.

Those indicating support on a Wherevent page for the rally were Mikki Roadcap, April Foster, Diana Condori, Luisa E. Reyes, Mariel Enriquez, Brianna Dobbs, Taylor Cline, Shi Lo, Allegra Baxter , Anna Ruth , Tsvetina Pavlova , Yara Puennte, Anahi Mtz, Nicholas Begley, Gary Charles Wagaman, Andres Herrera, Irasema Lauderdale, Shane Stange, Miguel Makata, Wesley Brockman, Akram Guzman, Conner Schlesselman, Luke Hall, Atzintli Perdomo, Vincente Perez, Kevin Bailey.[3]

Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners

Organized by Progressive Youth Organization Friday 22 January 2016, "Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners" 3911 Main St,Kansas City.

Join us for an evening of art, entertainment and education as we stand in solidarity with our incarcerated trans siblings.

Those indicating attendance or support on the Wherevent website included Skyler Whittaker, Gary Payne, Diane Burkholder, Susie McClannahan, Evie Bremerman, Irasema Lauderdale, Luisa E. Reyes, Elina Jasmine Vikdahl, Anna Ruth, Annie Windholz, Monique Gabrielle Salazar, Jessica Lynn Matthews, Mariel Enriquez, Charissa LaVelle Caster, Taylen Fares, Donna Nichin-Alicea, Atzintli Perdomo, Dhruv Majumdar, April Foster, Katie Weitenhagen, Kevin Caldwell, Maci Jessica Branch, Itzel Alheli Lopez Vargas, Sawyer Malone Harris, Jozzy Tre, Kevin Bailey, Shea LaRoux, Tsvetina Pavlova, Nicholas Begley, Brittany D. Coleman, Samantha Kay Sera, Ash Allee, Alex Fisher, Phoebe McCarty, Korea Cavalli Gleason, Carlos Flores, Tavish Lloyd Danner, Conner Schlesselman, Taylor Cline, Alex Armstrong, Haley Pypes, Brianna Dobbs, Gary Charles Wagaman, Matt Butler, Shiva Honey, Hobbes Entrikin-Goering, Shane Stange, Kim Sharitz, Ezra Eli Eliot, Ayrun Henson.

This is a collaboration between Black and Pink, EQUAL Trans* Support Group, IWOC IWW, and Progressive Youth Organization.[4]

Million Student March-Kansas City

Wednesday 13 April 2016, 17:00 organized by : Progressive Youth Organization.

We as students are tired of broken promises. Tired of working hard for a life of debt slavery. UMKC average student debt which was $29,464 was higher than the Missouri state and national average by several thousand dollars.
Now it's time for Kansas City students from MCC, UMKC, Rockhurst, and Park to come together to demand a change. We helped lead the first march in November of 2015, let's continue by bringing the struggle into 2016! Join us in Progressive Youth Organization as we take to the streets to demand revolutionary change!

Those indicating intention to attend on Wherevent included Taylor Cline, April Foster, Yara Puennte, Selena Juana, Conner Schlesselman, Juan Alarcon, Fadel Khuder Alliaraqe, Mark Manning, Sonny Erstad, Jose Gutierrez, Gabriell Smith, John Aguon, Ried Warma, Harry Edward Lee Terry, Irasema Lauderdale, Cristian Diaz, Domo Cuellar, Thurman Davis, Unique Dashea, Lilith Moore, Mariel Enriquez, Nicholas Begley, Maresa Arnold, Jesse Kütz, Jonathan Rivas, Uzi Pecina, Anthony Newton, Sami Al, Deven L. Glover, Anthony Joseph, Jaedon Kroger, Marina Oliveira Heidenreich, Omari Imhotep Abdul-Alim, Micah Wilford Wilkins, Vargas Daniel, Opiee Bee, Anderson Razlplaz, Mahmood Muhannad, Collin Mitchell Woroniak, Cat Mahari, Brittany Coleman, Ryan Arrieta, Alex Fisher, Derron Black, Lee Warren, Vachone Washington, Julio Ortalejo, Carlos Flores, Brianna Dobbs, Mark Bryant, Brennan Joseph Schartz, Ricardo Vejar, Wolfgang Bucher, Jason Walstrom, JAlexis Espino, Rachel Cullen, Jorge Fuller, Kevin Malatesta, Tavish Lloyd Danner, Erick E. Adame, Taylor Dias, Stephany Bautista, Kevin Bailey, Billie Lorene, Carlos Omar Roy Diaz, Jr., Pan Haywood, Luisa Esmeralda Reyes, Vesper Reads, Anthony Ealy, Jr., Shane Stange, Kennedy Ross, Maggie DeMeulmeester, Manfred Ngom, Monica Medeiros, Salam Alshimaily, Stephanie Garcia, Fatima Mohamed, Allie Donnell, Diana Condori, Livvy Livewire, Lauren Frances Ikeoluwa, Atzintli Perdomo, Victoria Barragan, Anna Snow, Uhura Jessica Woods, Kate Bergmann, Katelyn Faye Ferrari, Palma Hagens, Kathryn Grey Ammon, Amy Fleming, Beverly Jensen Knighten, Cecelia Peak, Shannon Triplett, Camile Messerley, Kelsey James, Sophie Snyder, Mary Hill, Vanessa Ramirez, Nayeli Mendoza, Valorie Engholm, Tamera Murdock, Tamara Alrubayii, Rachel Young, Elizabeth Campos, Guinevere Ragan, Jazzmin Matchette, Beverly Mendus, Ronecia Freeman, Breeana Humphrey, Itzel Alheli Lopez Vargas, Helen Proctor, Zoila Carrizales, Shirley Kim Ryu, Melissa Archer.[5]

PYO activists

Left Taylor Cline, third from left Kevin Bailey, third from right April Foster, second from right Conner Schlesselman, December 2015

Progressive Youth Organization activists, December 2015.

Kansas City Grassroots Network

The Kansas City Grassroots Network formed in spring of 2017 following a lot of activity surrounding the presidential election. The initial idea for the grouping of radical organizations was brought forward by the queer feminist organization Squad of Siblings. The initial members included: the Kansas City Industrial Workers of the World, Kansas City Green Party, Kansas City Democratic Socialists of America, Food Not Bombs, the Progressive Youth Organization, Serve the People – Kansas City, and the Kansas City Solidarity branch.

Our intent and goals were not particularly clear at first. There was a general sense that our individual efforts to build up a radical alternative would be overshadowed by liberal coalitions and groups like Indivisible that were trying to channel politics into the Democratic Party. We agreed on what differentiated us from other political groups in Kansas City: we are all dedicated to an anti-capitalist perspective and to prison abolition.[6]