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Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth or ZPG) is an organization founded in 1968 based on the failed predictions of co-founder Paul Ehrlich, as described in his book, The Population Bomb.

Related Organizations

Population Connection is behind the Population Connection Action Fund, which "educates and advocates progressive action to stabilize the human population."

Population Connection has a curriculum for k-12 students called Population Education, that they claim is used by "Tens of thousands of teachers" in America.[1]

John Seager is President and CEO of the Population Connection.

Supports Candidates

The Population Connection Action Fund has a PAC[2] which donated to the following candidates in 2020:

Works with NGOs

Screenshot of Population Connection's 2019 990 form

See screenshot of Population Connection's 2019 990 form,[3] which criticizes President Trump as "cruel" for extending the rule not to give American taxpayer money to NGOs that provide abortions. According to their 2019 990 form, Population Connection has "deepened partnerships with international NGOs" such as Conservation Through Public Health and Wings Guatemala, which performed 2,147 tubal ligations, 286 vasectomies, 893 IUDs and 2,836 subdermal hormonal implants.

'Encourage People to Have Smaller Families'

According to their website, "ZPG’s early mission was relatively straightforward: raise public awareness of the link between population growth and environmental degradation and, in turn, encourage people to have smaller families."[4]

"For a half a century, the mission of Population Connection (first as Zero Population Growth) has been focused on the future: a future when women in every nation around the world have access to affordable birth control and reproductive health care; a future where our quality of life is not threatened by overpopulation; a future where the Earth’s resources can sustain the world’s population."

"Vasectomy Clinics"

The Population Connection explains on their website that over time, they realized that their agenda works better if people are given a choice, rather than enduring forced sterilization, for example:

"In the 1970’s, ZPG opened vasectomy clinics. Today, ZPG hands out condoms with the wrappers embossed, 'Save the world: Use a condom.' ZPG is currently working on a National Population Policy, but it is based on choice and education—as it should be. We have found that our message works much better when people are given a choice and can make that choice for themselves."

Partner of the March for Science

March for Science Logo

Population Connection is listed on the March for Science website as a "partner."[5]

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