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Political Research Associates ..researching the right for progressive changemakers...

Political Research Associates publishes a quarterly magazine called The Public Eye.


The late Jean Hardisty is the Founder and President Emerita of the organization. She founded PRA (formerly Midwest Research) in 1981 in Chicago. She has been an activist for social justice issues for over 25 years and is a well-known speaker and widely published author, especially on women's rights and civil rights.[1]

Explaining their reasoning behind focusing on the Right, the organization states,[2]

"While attacks on civil liberties can come from any direction, the political and Christian Right use skillful marketing that exploits the public’s desire for quick solutions and capitalizes on today’s hectic information flow. With clever slogans that oversimplify complex public policy issues, the Right routinely scapegoats others in pursuit of their agenda. PRA responds with fair and accurate analysis, looking beneath the sound-bites and slogans of the Right, exposing the true goals and agendas of specific leaders, organizations and movements. We then present our analysis in ways that can help the media, advocates and educators understand and challenge the Right."

The organization's mission statement is as follows:[2]

"Political Research Associates is a progressive think tank devoted to supporting movements that are building a more just and inclusive democratic society. We expose movements, institutions, and ideologies that undermine human rights."


The Executive Director is Tarso Luis Ramos. Dr. Jean Hardisty was the founder and director from 1981 to 2004. Chip Berlet was the group's senior analyst from 1981–2011. Other staff members include Eric Ethington (Communications Director), Gabriel Joffe (Program Coordinator), and Kassia Palys (Development Coordinator). Staff researchers include Rev. Kapya Kaoma, Cole Parke, and Mariya Strauss. Fellows include Frederick Clarkson, Rachel Tabachnick, T.F. Charlton, and Spencer Sunshine.


From the Political Research Associates website as of Sept 28 2019:[3]





As at Nov. 20, 2004, the following served on the Board of Directors for the organization:[4]


As at March 23, 2011, the following served on the Board of Directors Political Research Associates:[1]



As at Nov. 20, 2004, the following worked for the organization:[4]


As at March 23, 2011, the following worked for the organization:[1]


The following have done internships at PRA:[5]

  • Alex Lach, senior at Tufts University in Medford, MA - majoring in Political Science and Media and Communications Studies
  • Sayeesha Ramnani, graduated from Wheaton College in Norton, MA with a combined major in Psychobiology, Chemistry, and Women’s Studies
  • Tavish McLeod, graduated from Boston University, with a degree in History and International Relations
  • John Michael Denney, graduate of McGill University


The following foundations made grants to PRA in 2003:[4]

The following companies have donated software to PRA:[2]

  • Microsoft
  • Macromedia
  • Belarc

Affiliated Organizations

The following organizations are affiliated with PRA:[2]

Other "allies in activism and research" are listed here.