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Template:TOCnestleft Pinellas Democratic Socialists of America is a branch of Tampa Democratic Socialists of America.

Flori­da for $15

Kofi Hunt, a co-chair of the Pinellas Democratic Socialists of America, says the Flori­da for $15 cam­paign was unapolo­get­i­cal­ly pro-work­er in its mes­sag­ing and spoke direct­ly to the strug­gles of Florida’s work­ing class. Hunt argues that the state’s mul­tira­cial work­ing-class base more broad­ly didn’t get a staunch pro-work­er mes­sage from either Trump or Biden, but con­cedes that the lat­ter offered more of a work­er-friend­ly plat­form. But Hunt and oth­ers involved in the Flori­da for $15 coali­tion argue Biden’s most pro-work­er poli­cies — such as uni­ver­sal pre-Kinder­garten and a fed­er­al min­i­mum wage boost — didn’t get the kind of lime­light that could have ben­e­fit­ted him more on the cam­paign trail in Florida.

“The pres­i­den­tial elec­tion was large­ly about defeat­ing Trump and not what Joe Biden would do for work­ing peo­ple,” says Richie Floyd, a Pinel­las DSA orga­niz­er and labor activist who con­tributed to Flori­da for $15 efforts. ​“Dur­ing trips to Flori­da, Biden played ​‘Despaci­to’ on his phone and pan­dered to right-wing vot­ers in Mia­mi. This strat­e­gy com­plete­ly failed as we can see from the results out of Miami-Dade.”[1]

Pinellas comrades


Bruce Nissen bottom right, Richie Floyd right.


Pinellas Democratic Socialists of America April 1, 2018. ·


With Justin Gazmask and Thomas Albert.


With Chris Batcho, center, Jessica LaBlonde right.

#MedicareForAll working group

Pinellas Democratic Socialists of America February 18, 2018:


Sean Armil, Chris Batcho. Can’t stop won’t stop #MedicareForAll

Labor movement forum


Pinellas Democratic Socialists of America May 1 2020·

Join us tonight for a panel discussion about the future of the labor movement post COVID-19.

Watch on Facebook LIVE here!

Panelist Include;

Defend our Democracy Kickoff


Defend our Democracy Kickoff.

Public · Hosted by Pinellas Democratic Socialists of America

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM EST

Allendale UMC - St. Petersburg[2]

Invited on Facebook