Philistine Ayad

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Philistine Ayad

Template:TOCnestleft Philistine Ayad is an Ohio activist.

"Pali-American. Muslim Feminist. #FreePalestine #BlackLivesMatter #NoBansNoWallsNoRaids"

CPUSA panel on Covid-19


CPUSA-Cleveland responds to the COVID-19 crisis by holding a platform for international working class solidarity in Cleveland. This online panel will

1. Raise awareness of US Imperialism, Colonization, and Occupation of disparate working class communities 2. Raise awareness of the current COVID-19-related struggles of the working class under US colonization/occupation 3. Build international working class solidarity in Cleveland through collective awareness, relationship, and action

Panel will include Cleveland’s own Kareem Henton, Chrissy Stonebraker-Martinez, June Colon, Robert Rice, Philistine Ayad, Mario Toblerone, and joining us from Columbus will be Anita Waters.