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Peter Devlin was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland. Immigrant from the United Kingdom.

Workplace Reform

According to Workers Voice No 16, 1992 union officials deeply involved in promoting Workplace Reform at Bluebird, Auck are Warwick Jones, Peter Devlin, Engineers union educator, Mike Smith & Working Womens Resource Centre co-ordinator, Jo Taylor

In December 1999 Smith was one of 8 unionists from Labour Party interest groups who advised Margaret Wilson on her new Industrial Relations legislation.[1]

Super Liquor dispute


With Bill Andersen, Doug McCallum, Warwick Jones, Steve Faleauto, Peter Devlin and John Duke.


In late 1983 Jim Thomson spent 3 months in Moscow in a delegation led by Alan Ware, with John Van de Ven and Peter Devlin.

SUP comrades


Circa 1983 Jim Thomson, John Van de Ven, Bill Andersen, Peter Devlin.



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