Pauline Tangiora

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Pauline Tangiora

Pauline Tangiora Q.S.O. Q.S.M. is a Maori elder from the Rongomaiwahine Tribe on the East Coast of the North Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Tangiora also has affiliations to many other tribes. She is a Justice of the Peace, a former President and currently Vice President of WILPF Aotearoa, the former Regional Women's Representative for the World Council for Indigenous Peoples, Earth Charter Commissioner and a member of the Earth Council. Tangiora is a life member of the Maori Women's Welfare League and a Patron of the Peace Foundation. Tangiora has represented Aotearoa at many international fora and was a Consultant to the International Steering Committee of the World Court Project.[1]

Peace caravan

In 1986, Tangaroa participated for four weeks in a Peace Caravan traveling across the United States, generating interest in South Pacific problems.

Moscow trip

In June 1987, Tangiora went to Europe for 5 weeks spreading the message about the campaigns to make the South Pacific nuclear free and independent. She attended the World Congress of Women in Moscow and then went on to meet with peace groups in 7 West European countries. The trip was endorsed by the New Zealand Maori Council, Peace Movement Aotearoa (PMA) undertook to publicize the trip and solicit contributions for her expenses. "Pauline is a very good representative to be networking for our various peace and justice movements in Europe." [2]

Maori Womens Welfare League

In 1987 Tangiora was a member of the Maori Womens Welfare League.

Maori Congress

In 1990 Tangiora was on the interim delegates list to Hui Whakatokahi for the Maori National Congress coordinating group, representing Rongomaiwahine. [3]

Paris NGO conference

In 1992 Tangiora Represented "Aoteoroa" (New Zealand) at the Paris NGO conferece Centers of Roots

"Earth Spirit" conference

In June 1992, Tangaroa Planned to attend the Earth Spirit conference in Rio de Janeiro. The conference focused on international indigenous peoples matters.[4]

World Conference on Human Rights

In 1993, Tangiora was a coordinator at the World Conference on Human Rights, held in Vienna.

Peace Movement Aotearoa

In 1993 Tangiora was a member of the Peace Movement Aotearoa working group from Mahia, New Zealand. In 1996 she was still a member of the working group.

Tangata Whenua for Political Revival

In 1994 Tangaroa was the proposed speaker on consultation with Tangata Whenua (the maori people) for Political Revival- National Peace Workshops to be held at Wellington, Queen's Birthday Weekend [5]

International Steering Committee on Health for Minorities

In the 1990's, Tangiora was a member of the International Steering Committee on Health for Minorities.

World Council of Indigenous Peoples Regional Women

By the Year 2000, Tangiora was an executive member of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples Regional Women Committee.

Indigenous Initiative for Peace

By the year 2000, Tangiora was a member of the Rigoberta Menchu Committee, the Indigenous Initiative for Peace.

Vienna conferences

Ms. Tangiora participated in the Indigenous People's Conference, of which she was one of the coordinators, and the World Conference on Human Rights, both held in Vienna in 1993.



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